PixelSense – Now Microsoft’s New Name For The Surface Project

Those of you who are familiar with Microsoft probably instantly thought of a giant LCD screen table top when Microsoft announced the Surface tablets, and it’s quite a reasonable thought. Over the last number of years, well before tablets had taken off, Microsoft and Samsung were working together to produce a large tabletop that responded to touch.

However, Microsoft has now gone and used the “Surface” brand for it’s new Windows 8 Tablets, so what of the original Surface project? Well the good news is that it isn’t going anywhere, instead Microsoft have rebranded it as “PixelSense”. No doubt lots of the R&D that’s been put into these new Surface tablets probably came from this project.

You can still pick yourself up one of the mammoth table top devices. The Samsung Sur40 has a 40inch Gorilla Glass 1920×1080 display and will set you back a cool $8400.

It’s a pretty cool device, even though it is quite pricey, and I don’t think it’s broken any sales records recently. It’s viewed as a device that’s more at home in a large corporation with the money to blow on shiny gadgets. All the same it’s an impressive piece of hardware that can support up to 50 multiple touch inputs at once.

The Surface tables have ran both Windows Vista and Windows 7 in the past, with a special touch friendly surface skins on top, so I wonder if we will ever see a Windows 8 powered PixelSense tabletop screen in the future?

It’s nice to know Microsoft are still keeping the project alive, but somehow I don’t think it’s ever going to be a big seller, not at that price anyway.



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