How To Set Up A Picture Password In Windows 8

One new feature that’s been added to Windows 8 is a new Picture Password log in which has been designed with touch users in mind. This touch friendly way to log in simply requires a user to draw a pre set pattern on a picture and Windows 8 will then log them in. This will undoubtedly prove quicker to log in than typing out a long password for most users.

By default the log on password for Windows 8 will be that of your Windows Live account so this guide will show you how you can set up a Picture Password.

Before we start, make sure you’ve got a picture that you want to use to draw your pattern on. Why not have a look at our extensive wallpapers gallery to find one?

1.First off you need to access open your charm bar. You can do this by swiping in from the right or pressing Windows + C. Now choose Settings

2. Next up select Change PC Settings

3. The next thing we need to do now is select Users and then Create A Picture Password

4. Now the next thing you will have to do is enter your password just to confirm that you are who you say you are.

5. Now that you’ve entered your password you are free to browse for the picture that you want to use as your picture password.

6.  Once you’ve selected the picture that you want to use you can now start drawing your pattern. Windows 8 will require you to enter in your pattern twice to learn it. Your password must have 3 gestures in it. You can choose a combination of drawing shapes, lines or tapping the screen. It does matter what order and direction these gestures are performed in so be sure that you remember it. However if you do forget it, you’ll always have a back up option to log in by entering your password.

You can see a sample gesture that I drew below

7. Now once you’ve successfully entered your gesture twice, Windows 8 will have learnt it and it’s now been set as your password.

Next time you go to log in, you’ll be asked to draw your password.


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