Is This the Linux Time?

Is this the Linux Time? Has Linux finally found an opening to the desktop? Last week I wrote about some of the problems attending Microsoft’s Windows 8 PC’s and the dual boot problem, of which Linux would be a victim.

Well, now it appears that with the new version of Windows 8, and with their own PC device, this may be leaving Microsoft Partners out in the lurch. Consider this. Metro. Not everyone’s favorite user interface. Consider this. Surface. A tablet built by Microsoft to the annoyance of their partners who are left holding the bag with their own tablet model, which won’t support Windows 8. Consider this. The Windows 8 smartphone will make the Windows 7 Phone obsolete. So consider this, do you think the partners are happy? Is this the trend for the future?

And then there is the Windows 8 PC and Linux, UEFI issue. Sure you can load Linux on a Windows 8 PC. But it will cost you … about $99.

An Opening?

So does this portend an opening in the desktop operating system world? Is this a possible opening for Linux? How, well if the partners are unhappy with Microsoft, will they be able to design their own PC’s to put a new operating system, Linux style. So which Linux software can be considered at this time if a company did want to make the break? Ubuntu and Google Chrome.


Ubuntu, not only has been courting OEMs for a long time, it’s actually been shipping Ubuntu-powered laptops and desktops from companies like Dell for years. Red Hat and SUSE, are more server oriented, than desktop. They will have a smaller desktop impact.  So you have an existing powerhouse already working with Linux.

Google Chrome

This may be a stretch right now, but Chrome, the smartphone is based on the Linux OS. How much harder is it to stretch it to the PC, or the laptop? But there is one drawback here, that is that Chrome needs to connect to the Internet in order to run. So if there will be a PC — Chrome Linux OS it will have to be available in a non-Internet mode.

That said, Windows 7 may be the last successful Microsoft OS. Because Windows 8 can be a new dimension in PC operating systems, where consumers don’t want to go.

Source: Zdnet

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