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The Weather app is one of the applications that is shown on Windows 8’s Metro start page that Windows users can make use of right away. Like most apps that come preinstalled, it needs to be configured first before it will display weather related information on the start page.

First thing that you need to do is click on the Weather app to configure it before you can use it. You can always right-click here to bring up the configuration menu that allows you to add new places or take a look at the world weather report.

weather app

To add a new place you simply enter a city or location name in the location field and wait a second or so before suggestions are displayed right beneath it. Here you can then select one of the suggestions, refine your search, or click on the pick local location button instead if you want the operating system to detect the city closest to your physical location in the world.

weather location

Once you have added at least one location, you will see a detailed weather report for that location, and a ten day weather forecast.

weather report app

Everything is displayed beautifully on the screen, with the current weather conditions show as a background image as a visual aid.

The small buttons next to the five day forecast are used to display forecasts for day six to ten, and to add wind, visibility, humidity and other information to the page.

Only the weather information of the home place – usually the first place that you have added to the app – is displayed on the Metro start page. You can right-click on other places to display a menu allowing you to make it the new home place.

World Weather finally displays weather reports for some of the world’s top destinations, including Paris, New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Melbourne.

world weather

You finally can also click on the little dash icon in the lower right corner of the screen to bring up additional weather related options. This includes historical weather information for the current location, weather maps that show regional temperatures and precipitation, and national temperatures, precipitations, cloud cover and satellite views.

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