Windows 8 and Malware Protection

How bad can the conditions become if there are security problems in your life?  If someone wants to kill you … they will get you. I mean if someone has it in for you, then you are done for. I mean if someone really wants to kill you, they will kill you. That said, if someone wants to hack into your computer then … well you know the rest. But, is this true about Windows 8? Is it hack proof? Will it be more difficult for malware to become a vibrant node in the Windows 8 establishment?

According to some recent reports, Windows 8 will have more security features built in, which will make the system less vulnerable. For instance, one difference between Windows 7 and 8 is including more exploit-mitigation technologies. In that regard, two programs, the Windows Heap Manager and Windows Kernel Pool Allocator will make it far harder for attackers to exploit buffer-overflow vulnerabilities.

Security Sandbox

There will also be a “security sandbox” for applications for Windows 8. This more restrictive security sandbox will contain the new Windows 8 Apps. This is a mechanism to prevent programs from performing disruptive actions.

App Container

The new App Container provides the operating system with a way to make more fine-grained decisions on what actions certain applications can perform. All apps run with extremely low privileges and have limited access to resources.

Measured Boot

There will be a measured boot. In Windows 8, Microsoft will put in a new boot process signature whereby there is a signature of the entire boot process and stored in the TPM chip in order to prevent malware from infecting the system.

Windows Defender

An update to Windows Defender comes with the Windows 8 system and it is a full-blown anti-malware program. It no longer just tries to fight adware or spyware but it also goes after malware and offering real-time protection.

Internet Explorer 10

The new version of IE 10 will be put into Windows 8. All tabs and IE processes are isolated from one another. Something in tab 1 couldn’t tamper with tab 2 or capture any of the data.

So while some of these enhancements to security may indeed improve the security process of the Windows 8 OS, it may only be a matter of time that vulnerabilities and exploits are created, if nothing else for the hackers to say…I got in.

If they really want to get in then ….

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