Windows 8 and Malware Protection

How bad can the conditions become if there are security problems in your life?  If someone wants to kill you … they will get you. I mean if someone has it in for you, then you are done for. I mean if someone really wants to kill you, they will kill you. That said, if someone wants to hack into your computer then … well you know the rest. But, is this true about Windows 8? Is it hack proof? Will it be more difficult for malware to become a vibrant node in the Windows 8 establishment?

According to some recent reports, Windows 8 will have more security features built in, which will make the system less vulnerable. For instance, one difference between Windows 7 and 8 is including more exploit-mitigation technologies. In that regard, two programs, the Windows Heap Manager and Windows Kernel Pool Allocator will make it far harder for attackers to exploit buffer-overflow vulnerabilities.

Security Sandbox

There will also be a “security sandbox” for applications for Windows 8. This more restrictive security sandbox will contain the new Windows 8 Apps. This is a mechanism to prevent programs from performing disruptive actions.

grey Windows 8 and Malware Protection

App Container

The new App Container provides the operating system with a way to make more fine-grained decisions on what actions certain applications can perform. All apps run with extremely low privileges and have limited access to resources.

grey Windows 8 and Malware Protection

Measured Boot

There will be a measured boot. In Windows 8, Microsoft will put in a new boot process signature whereby there is a signature of the entire boot process and stored in the TPM chip in order to prevent malware from infecting the system.

grey Windows 8 and Malware Protection

Windows Defender

An update to Windows Defender comes with the Windows 8 system and it is a full-blown anti-malware program. It no longer just tries to fight adware or spyware but it also goes after malware and offering real-time protection.

Internet Explorer 10

The new version of IE 10 will be put into Windows 8. All tabs and IE processes are isolated from one another. Something in tab 1 couldn’t tamper with tab 2 or capture any of the data.

grey Windows 8 and Malware Protection

So while some of these enhancements to security may indeed improve the security process of the Windows 8 OS, it may only be a matter of time that vulnerabilities and exploits are created, if nothing else for the hackers to say…I got in.

If they really want to get in then ….

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