Enabling File History Feature in Windows 8

File History in a nice feature in Windows 8 which allows users to backup and retrieve previous versions of a specific file which is backed up to another PC, server or backup hard drive. Once backed up on another location, you can go back and specify a previous version of the file to retrieve.

Unfortunately, while the feature has been around Windows for quite some time, most people are unaware that it exists and most believe that it is a copy of Apple’s Time Machine backup feature, which is simply not true. Where Microsoft could take a page from Apple’s playbook is in feature discovery. File History is quite the useful feature but is nearly impossible for new or existing users to discover. In Windows 8 this hasn’t changed.

To find File History, you’ll need to do a search from the Start screen and filter your results by Settings.

Once on the File History Control Panel screen, you’ll need to setup your backup location.

Confirm your backup location for File History and your finished. File History will now run in the background unnoticed.

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