Microsoft Renames Windows Explorer to File Explorer

While Microsoft have made quite a number of tweaks in the recent Consumer Preview of Windows 8, they also promised that there was a few more little surprises in store for us by the time the final Release To Manufacturing (RTM) copy of Windows 8 hits stores.

The latest little tweak that we’ve discovered is quite minor, but relevant none the less. Microsoft have no renamed the “Windows Explorer” to “File Explorer“. However none of the functionality of it has changed what so ever, it’s merely just a name change.

The change was originally discovered by Win8China who were able to get their eyes on some of the latest builds of Windows 8. Microsoft must be getting pretty close to the final build of Windows 8 at this stage especially since some reckon that the RTM version of Windows 8 will be released towards the end of July.

File Explorer

Image Credit: The Verge

A bit of further research might shed some light as to why Microsoft has decided to carry out this change. In the early days of Windows, Microsoft used to use the “File Explorer” which allowed users to create and manage files and directories. However once Windows 95 came along Microsoft renamed this to “Windows Explorer”. What’s also worth noting is that Microsoft also introduced the start button in Windows 95.

Now jump forward 17 years and we have Windows 8 which has seen the start button axed from it’s iconic position. Isn’t it a coincidence that Microsoft have now also renamed “Windows Explorer” back to “File Explorer”?

I’m sure we can expect to see a few more little tweaks like this in the RTM version of Windows 8, but I would be very surprised if there was any major new features introduced at such a late stage.



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