Samsung Connects with the Azure Cloud for Smart TV Operations

The Cloud has a lot to offer small companies. These include the ability to have state of the art equipment and software. Flexibility in operations and reliability are also important.

So why would a large company like Samsung adopt Windows Azure? Well that depends on the business model that they are implementing. In Samsung’s case, they are looking to expand their Smart TV infrastructure.

Smart TV

Smart TV is Samsung’s TV operations that include the ability to control your TV in new ways. You can navigate using gesture control, you can share files with Smart Content since there is a built in camera to relay pictures to others. You can find things that you are looking for with Smart Hub and use Apps built for TV. You can also update your TV every year. In this regard, the potential for changing TV viewing is enormous.



Samsung Smart TV Operations

The Smart TV service is currently operating in 120 countries; but it wants to expand this further. So knowing that Microsoft offers Cloud Data Centers in North America, Europe, and Asia, this convinced Samsung that it could expand its customer base worldwide. Samsung was looking for reliability, as well as the ability to support a continuous grown in traffic. After working with Microsoft  and testing their operations the company found that the Azure platform offered a greater speed than competitors, especially within the Asia region.

One big concern was scalability which the Azure Cloud could reliably offer.  But Samsung made the point that Windows Azure allowed the company to quickly secure and store resources, and focus on expanding their business rather than on security issues.

No doubt the technical issues were complex but once they were addressed and solved, Samsung felt that their focus could be on bringing in more customers, and increasing their base.

 Source: Samsung

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