Windows 8 Upgrades limited to PCs with previous Windows version

Options to install Windows 8 using an upgrade version of the operating system on a blank PC, one without Windows operating system, do not seem to be available anymore according to a comment left by Microsoft Communication’s Manager Brandon LeBlanc.

LeBlanc notes that upgrades can only be installed on a PC if a previous version of Windows is installed on it. This is different from how upgrades were handled in previous versions of Windows, where it was possible to install the operating system from an upgrade disc even if no other operating system was installed on the PC.

There may still be options to use the upgrade to install Windows 8 on a PC without operating system, but we have to wait for that until the operating system gets released. For now though we have to assume that upgrades are only available if a previous Windows operating system, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, are installed on the PC.

windows 8 upgrade

Windows 8 Release Preview users are the only other exception, as it is also possible to upgrade from the RP version to the final version of Windows 8 using upgrade versions of the new operating system. Windows 8 users are on the other hand limited when it comes to data that they can migrate from the operating system. Like Windows XP users, they can only migrate personal files to the new version of Windows.

Vista users on the other hand can migrate personal files and settings, while Windows 7 users add installed applications on top of that.

We have covered the upgrade options previously on the site. Check out Full Upgrades to Windows 8 Only Possible from Windows 7 and Microsoft Announce Windows 8 Pro Upgrade For Just $39.99 for additional coverage.

What’s your take on the new requirement? Lets discuss in the comments below.


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