New Azure Cloud Service Tools

At the Worldwide Partner Conference Microsoft announced a new set of tools to make Cloud services more enticing to prospective customers.

Community Technology Preview: Hosting Services

One new offering involves bringing Windows Azure Web Sites, and Virtual Machines, and the Service Management Portal with API to the Windows Server. This means that Hosting Service Providers will provide high density website hosting and Infrastructure through a service scenario using the Windows Server-based environment. The upshot is that these services in Windows Azure will enable a consistent customer experience across cloud platforms.

So companies that provide Website services can use the Cloud server to host thousands of websites for many customers with management out of one farm.

Another benefit comes with combining Windows Server and Linux VM’s. So a supporting company now has the ability present additional controls for customers that need virtual machine technology whether it be Microsoft based or Linux based.

From this is the added feature necessary to any business which is how to control, customize, and extend services so that billing and customer integration can be easy to deploy and manage.


Switch to Hyper-V

Microsoft does not like VMware. Why? Because it is a challenge to their own virtualization system. And VMware is a successful virtualization software program. However, Microsoft in order to entice users away from VMware’s virtualization system offers to make it more economical. To do that Microsoft licenses its private cloud solutions on a per-processor basis, this way you get the cloud computing benefits of scale coupled with unlimited virtualization and which brings costs down consistently and predictably over time. Microsoft also provides a migration toolkit to perform the transition operations from one VM system to another.

Microsoft Dynamics

The picture wouldn’t be complete without talking about what businesses really want…more business. One of Microsoft’s most enduring business solution products is Dynamics CRM. This product can help a business increase sales performance, improve marketing effectiveness, and obtain a higher degree of customer satisfaction. Now with Cloud operations, it is possible to extend the same software program to branch offices, making the entire enterprise functional along the same basis.  For example, with Microsoft Dynamics, a business can put familiar tools such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint on top of huge business datasets stored in SQL Server. Then by running the operations on the Cloud the whole enterprise can benefit.

The overall picture of the Azure Cloud continues to grow with new venues, new programs, and new ways to enhance customer operations. In part, this not only makes Microsoft the leader of the pact, it is the pact.

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