Windows 7 Claims The Market As Windows 8 Looms

It may have taken nearly 3 years and a lot of marketing, but Windows 7 now finally seems to have claimed the spot outright as the number one OS in the world. According to StatCounter – Windows 7 broke through the 50% operating system market share barrier at the end of last month.

However other market share companies such as NetMarketShare claim that Windows 7 has only 42% of the market at this point in time, whilst claiming that Windows XP is still the market leader with 44%.

Personally I think I’d be inclined to sway more towards StatCounters market share results. Windows XP has been around for more than 10 years and I think it’s time has well and truly passed. Windows 7 has been argued by many as the best Windows operating system to date, and the market share results prove this. By comparison, Windows Vista was never a users first preference, nor their second! It only managed a meagre 23.5% of the total market in the 3-4 years it was on the market. Growth rates compared to Windows 7 were unimpressive to say the least.

The chart below graphs the life of the various operating systems since 2008 until last month.

Windows XP is still holding on, but continuing to lose market share which is understandable but it still holds an admirable 29.91% of the market which isn’t bad at all when you consider Windows Vista never even gained this much of the market in its whole life cycle.

An interesting trend to note here is the subtle decline of Mac OSX over the last couple of months. In April it held 7.66% of the market, but that has dropped each month and now lies at a shade over 7% (7.05%). What’s odd about this is that Apple are recording record sales for Mac’s nearly every quarter, yet these figures don’t seem to be making an impact on market share.

Of course the figures I’m supplying come from StatCounter, as I mentioned earlier, NetMarketShares data paints a slightly different picture and still places Windows XP as the number one OS.

Nobody can say for certain if Windows 7 is the definitive OS, but one things for sure, we are going to see it’s growth suddenly stop in the next 3 months or so once Windows 8 finally hits the market.

It will be interesting to see how Windows 8 performs in relation to Windows 7. Windows 7 broke nearly all the sales records for Microsoft in the time that it’s been on the market, so Windows 8 certainly has some big boots to fill.

What do you think? Will Windows 8 take off like Windows 7 did?

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