Kinect for Windows

Kinect for Windows. Really? Kinect is a hardware device that makes using the Xbox 360 game controller easier to use. Kinect allows gamers to use hand gestures and voice to play the game on the Xbox. This device uses array microphones, a projected IR dot pattern, an IR camera, and a regular RGB camera to sense the surrounding environment. With these inputs, the Kinect sensor can isolate and record sounds, generate a room depth-map, and build 3D models of human faces and skeletons.

But Kinect is more than a gaming device. It has found a home beyond the game environment. See You Can Kinect in More Ways than One, New Kinect technology – BeamatronKinect makes an Impact as Education Hardware. Now Microsoft is making Kinect for Windows. This will enable Windows PC’s to take advantage of Kinect.

Kinect for Windows

Kinect for Windows offers the potential to transform how people interact with computers and Windows-embedded devices in multiple industries, like, healthcare, retail, and transportation. At the heart is the sensor, which allows programs to pick up distant operations and process them into software components. So instead of limiting programs to run from the keyboard, the sensor allows for the development of software that can process information from a remote source. So think of the opportunities. Instead of having a program that is limited by keyboard or mouse function, a program can operate on the distance reflection picked up by Kinect.


Human Sensor

The key to the operation of Kinect is the technology of remote integration. That is the ability of the hardware to pick up a remote presence in order to process the information. The SDK allows developers to write Apps and other programs that make it possible to bring together Windows and Kinect, thereby making Kinect an extension of the PC.

All of this is not under the radar of Microsoft technology, but the odd thing is that it is under the radar. While most technology websites still look at Kinect as a gaming device, there is a lot of technology change coming from it. But the talk is not there. Recently, Microsoft acquired a touch screen company, Perceptive Pixel, with the anticipation that it take touch screen technology to a new level, beyond what the Surface tablet will currently provide. With Kinect as another technology that is making innovations, Microsoft is walking in a new direction by looking at incorporating new technologies into their operating system. We may be looking at how Windows 9 may be developing.

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