Start8 for those still hankering for the Start Menu

Well the sound of fury about the demise of the Start menu in all versions of Windows 8 so far released certainly has not abated. Microsoft are resolute in their decision to dump the Start menu.

For those who hanker after a solution here is a website that will resolve your problem. It is Stardock. Go to this web address – and download the fix. It is a freebie and it works with Windows Release Preview.

Using this product you can:

  • Add a “Start” menu to the Windows 8 taskbar
  •  Enable quick access to install applications
  •  Add “Run” option via a right-click menu
  •  Add “Shutdown” option via a right click menu
  •  Customize the Start button image

. . . and more

When you go to download Start8  you are  required to add your email address to access a download link. Check you email account and you will see Stardock’s invitation to download Start8. It’s well worth considering!



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