A Quick View of Office 2013

New Release…Microsoft has released the preview version of Office 2013. Microsoft has reengineered its traditional Office Suite in order to provide a new dimension of the business product that has been successful for the last 23 years. Here is a quick summary of the main features of this product.

The Suite has the standard products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. That is called Office 2013. This is important because Microsoft in its own way is using the standard Office suite as a launching point for other operations.


Users will be surprised by how Office is made available. While the conventional Office distribution is available with a perpetual license tied to a PC. But Office 2013 adds Office 365 subscription services. This means that you can install the desktop

apps on up to five PCs and store documents using 20 GB of included SkyDrive storage.

The Office 2013 user interface follows many of the Metro design guidelines of Windows 8. Removing “chrome” is one of the biggest changes to the effect that when you open an Office desktop app on Windows 7 or Windows 8, you don’t see any window borders.

The Ribbon… Still there. However, it is flattened, with a plain white background. You’ll notice vivid colors on the File menu and in the status bar along the bottom, with color-coding to help distinguish between different office programs (dark blue for Word, green for Excel, orange for PowerPoint, and so on).

Running Office 2013 on Windows 7 is easy, however, it will be interesting to see how it functions on the Windows 8 environment. Because Windows 8 will be geared to the touch screen, the desktop apps now also include options that make them easier to use on touch-enabled devices such as tablets. You can use Word’s new Read mode to change a document into columns that use the full screen, then with a flick of the finger flip through the document.


Office 365 Versions

The Cloud is big on the Microsoft agenda. So big in fact that the Office 365 versions include cloud storage, with SkyDrive Pro to sync files between SharePoint and the desktop.  The cloud-based storage also allows easy online sharing and syncing.

The preview option of Office 2013 give users a taste of what will come down the pike when Windows 8 is released. The options available now for Office 2013 will create an interesting invocation of Windows 8. If it is this good now…wait for the new OS implementation.


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