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In a recent blog I wrote about Start8, an application that provides access to “Run” and “Shutdown” and so on.

While this is a useful addition to Windows 8 Release Preview, there is an even better option available called Classic Shell. This replicates the old Start menu totally. In addition, right clicking the Start button provides access to its Settings allowing further tweaking.

Classic Shell not only provides a user-friendly version of the Start menu but it also contains three other toolsClassic Explorer Settings, Classic IE9 Settings and Classic Shell Update. The former two allow you to re-configure Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer IE9.

However, my main interest in this tool getting back a usable version of the former Start menu. I leave others to tinker with the other three options.

You can access Classic Shell from this link –

After you download this application and install it you will find four APPS on the Metro screen. Classic Shell works fine with Windows 8 Release Review.


Shell Apps



On installation you will find the four Apps in the Metro menu. As most users of Windows 8 Release Preview know by now you can add these Apps to your Taskbar.

Once installed just click on the Start button and ‘voila’ you got your Start menu  back! Cheers many will say. Personally, I’ve learnt to live without it having tried all four versions of Windows 8 but each to his or her own.


Start Menu

One user, Annet Kalipso, wrote the following review of Classic Shell . . . ” But the best thing is that Classic Shell 3.5 puts its beautiful Start Menu on Windows 8 Consumer Preview, turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse! . . .”

I feel Annet’s comments sums it all up but I’ll leave it to you to decide!


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