What no iGoogle?

On November 1, 2013 Google is killing iGoogle! Why? Is it too successful? What is it being replaced by?

None of the answers to these questions supplied by Google is satisfactory.

I am really p….d off by this arbitrary decision and I’m not the only one. There are hundreds of  thousands, dare I say millions of satisfied users of IGoogle who will be deprived of an excellent web browser.

The Bad News!

I’ve been using IGoogle for years and years. I love its flexibility and the way you can craft it to suit your own needs. Looking at the alternative web browsers – Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome, none of them really grab me as I’ve tried them all.

Now I’m forced to look for a customizable alternative. On checking the web I came across ten less well-known ones – Stainless, Lunascape, Maxthon, Konqueror, Sleepnir, Sea Monkey, Swiftfox, Omniweb, Camino and Flock.

Never heard of any of them before BUT now I’ve got to sort out where I’ll go when the deadline for the demise of iGoogle arrives. Of course I can continue to use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with ninemsn.com.au or au.news.yahoo.com  but these websites though working successfully with Internet Explorer do not grab me. There have little flexibility  and are full of stuff I abhor – information overload as well as the incessant advertising. This leaves me little choice!

Having got my beef out of my system I’m wondering what other disappointed iGoogle users are going to do? Where do we go from here!

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