Office 2013 but Oh, So Bland!

George Garza  has written a good insight into the new Office 2013 (See: “A Quick View of Office 2013“). It  is easy to download and it installs effortlessly, provided of course you have a Microsoft Hotmail account or a Live Mail account.

I am using Word 2013 from the Microsoft’s Office 2013 package to write this blog. It is a very acceptable application much like its predecessor Word 2010.

One aspect of it that does not grab me is its “blandness“. The toolbars and icons are pretty well colourless and with a white background (can this be changed?), it looks so undistinguished. I’ve checked out the other apps in Office 2013 and find they have the same bland look.

Downloading and installing Office 2013 requires you to use a registered Hotmail or Live Mail account. If you have neither you need to create and register and account before completing the installation process.

Accessing Office 2013?

After installation Windows 8 users you will find all the program icons as individual apps in Metro. These can be added to the Taskbar for easy access when working on the Desktop.


For those users who are still persisting with Windows 7, once installed Office 2013 appears under Programs in the Start menu.


Providing Feed-back to Microsoft

In the top right-hand corner is a smiley icon. Clicking it gives you the choice to “Send a Smile” or “Send a Frown“. Selecting either opens a report dialog box where you are able to give your opinion on the application. Some may find this a bit gimmicky but when Windows 8 was first released Microsoft listened to many suggestions, not all of course, as the Start men is still a “no-no”. So take the opportunity to give the Office 2013’s developers some feedback.



The two illustrations displayed below indicate how you can use this feedback method. This device is designed to help Microsoft developers gauge the public reactions. One aspect of this which some might find interesting is that you are obliged to include your e-mail address.

It should be remembered that Office 2013 is still only in beta mode but I’m sure your comments may bear fruit in the final wash-up.

Saving Your Work

Saving your work in Word 2013 has a new twist to it. You can save it directly to your SkyDrive account, to the computer (this defaults to the Documents folder) or to Add a place. With the latter you have the option of choosing another location say a portable hard drive or a folder elsewhere. Pretty flexible, eh!

As we all know there is a push by Microsoft and others contenders, DropBox and Google, to save data on the Cloud. Saving and storing files on SkyDrive is in line with Microsoft’s push to make this the common storage location for the future.

Huge numbers of users downloaded Windows 8 in all its versions taking advantage of Microsoft’s offer. Now its time to do the same with Office 2013. You will be pleasantly surprised by it. So do this but don’t forget to register your views about its usability.






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