Screenshots of Windows 8 RTM Leaked

Microsoft are expected to sign off on the final RTM version of Windows 8 any week now, we know that Windows 8 will be released on October 26th¬†and we’ve had a pretty good look at it thanks to the consumer and release previews. However it looks like Microsoft have added in a few last minute tweaks to the final RTM version.

Screenshots leaked by WinUnleaked show that Microsoft have now changed the coloring menu. Microsoft have removed the option to independently choose a different color for the taskbar and windows, this means that you are now stuck with the same color for both. Internet Explorer now interacts with the color that you’ve chosen and changes color automatically as well as receiving a few new tabs and buttons.

Microsoft are said to be frantically working on the last minute preparations before the sign off on the RTM version of Windows 8 which is scheduled to be happening in the first week of August.

These screenshots show that Microsoft is still removing traces of the traditional Aero style that we’ve become used to, and are now styling everything in the more modern Metro style instead.

There’s one other screenshot that was also leaked, and that’s of the new start up screen. It’s pretty similar to previous Windows start up screens and is simply just the new Windows 8 logo on a black background.

With a bit of luck we won’t actually have to spend too much time looking at this start up screen as Windows 8 boots in very little time at all, a lot less than Windows 7.

So these are some of the final screenshots that we will get to see of Windows 8 before it’s finally released and finalised. It seems to be shaping up well, but only time will tell if Windows 8 will be a success or not.



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