Price Drops on the Azure Cloud

Microsoft is working hard that the Azure Cloud stays in the forefront of customer recognition. And one way to do that is to cut prices.

So last week, after Amazon Web Services, cut its pricing, Microsoft followed suit. Here are the main features:

  •  Windows Azure Storage Pay-As-You-Go pricing has been reduced by 12% ($0.14 to $0.125)
  • 6 Month Plans for Windows Azure Storage have been reduced across all tiers by up to 14%
  • Windows Azure Extra Small Compute has been reduced by  50% ($.04 to .$02)

But that’s not all. Microsoft is hoping that the content delivery operations of the Cloud resonate well with customers. While the reduced price of $.125/GB provides cost benefits, Geo-Replication differentiates Windows Azure Storage from other services in market. Imagine the difficulty of convincing managers or IT administrators of using the cloud if all they think about is the inability to access data, because if it is on the Cloud, and it has gone down, your business is in trouble. But with geo-replication, Windows Azure Storage now keeps your data sound and available in two distinct locations. In those two separate locations, Windows Azure Storage constantly maintains multiple replicas of your data. One may be down, but one will still be available. Here is a breakdown of the locations.



North Central US South Central US
South Central US North Central US
East US West US
West US East US
North Europe West Europe
West Europe North Europe
South East Asia East Asia
East Asia South East Asia

SQL Database

SQL Database is another example of the cost features that Microsoft is changing. SQL Database bills the cost based on the size of the database. Two editions are available: Web and Business. The Web Edition supports up to a 5 GB maximum relational database. The Business Edition supports up to a 150 GB maximum size database.

Database Size Price Per Database Per Month Database Units (DU) that will appear on your Bill
0 to 100 MB Flat $4.995 0.5 DU
Greater than 100 MB to 1 GB Flat $9.99 1 DU
Greater than 1 GB to 10 GB $9.99 for first GB, $3.996for each additional GB 1 DU for first GB0.4 DU for each additional GB
Greater than 10 GB to 50 GB $45.954 for first 10 GB, $1.998 for each additional GB 4.6 DU for first 10 GB0.2 DU for each additional GB
Greater than 50 GB to 150 GB $125.874 for first 50 GB, $0.999 for each additional GB 12.6 DU for first 50 GB0.1 DU for each additional GB

The competition for Cloud services is getting tougher. Microsoft and others are gearing up to make their products not only more accessible, but also more cost friendly.

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