WIndows 8 to Include 20 Different Metro Themes

As Windows 8 has progressed from the Developer Preview until now the start screen has become more and more customizable. From a variety of color combinations to metro-themed Start screen backgrounds the Start screen can be made your own. There are, however, limitations to what users can do with the Start screen and whether what Microsoft provides will be enough will, vary from user to user.

In a screenshot from Win8China, we can see the Windows 8 Start screen customization screen with the new theme options. The new build apparently includes 20 different backgrounds with varying designs and a whole palette of color combinations.

Of course, the question for many that remains is why Microsoft doesn’t allow users to use their own wallpapers as the start screen background. The answer is unclear, but I’ve heard that it is a limitation of the semantic zoom feature not being compatible with normal background picture files.

I’m sure as the Metro experience in Windows 8 matures we will see more options for customization, but as it stands it appears that users will have to keep their own custom pictures on the desktop wallpaper and on the unlock screen. Is this enough customization for most users. I guess we’ll wait and see.



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