Windows 8 to include instructions on how to use it

The Windows 8 RTM release is just a day old and we are already seeing new information about the operating system on the Internet. Darren Baker has posted screenshots of the Windows 8 installation process all the way from booting  over customizations to signing in for the first time. Now, this may not sound too spectacular but Darren managed to unveil how Microsoft plans to educate new users of the operating system about the new controls that are needed to use it efficiently.

The process begins after account creation, which means that users who install the operating system on the PC, and users who buy a PC with a preinstalled copy of Windows 8, will both get the instructions on how to use the system.

So, here are the instructional screens that you will see on first log in:

The instructions begin with information on how to use the new touch controls of the operating system. It is not clear if those instructions will be included on systems without touch screen as David used one to demonstrate the installation process. After two pages of touch screen instructions come instructions on how to use the mouse in the operating system.

The instructions explain that you can move the mouse into any corner to bring up the menu. This may indicate a change from the release preview where only the right corners displayed the menu on mouse over. It seems unlikely that Microsoft would instruct users to move into any corner if only the right corners would activate the Charms menu.

Will users have the option to display the instructions again at a later point in time? We do not know that either yet, but it is again likely that there will be an option.

What’s your take on the instructions? Do they explain the new interface concepts or do not they cover enough?




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