Windows 8 Themes – Default Wallpapers, and the Start Screen

Recently, the Windows 8 background patterns became available to view. Rumor has it that Microsoft might be set to include no less than 20 StartScreen patterns in Windows 8 in the release to manufacturing build.

As one blog posted in Win8China, shows what the leaked screen change looks like:


One thing that can be said about Microsoft’s Windows 8, is that it is looking for a new look, come hell or high water. While there has been the recent discussion about whether the Metro name will still be used, nevertheless, Microsoft is still pushing to make its new OS a different experience for consumers. Start Screen patterns provide a wallpaper-like effect for the new Windows 8 [Metro?] Start Screen.

For example, Microsoft has been adding more and more customization options a little bit at a time to Windows 8 throughout its major previews. Some were put in to see how the public would respond, but others to see how they would interact with other existing programs. But the final Release to Manufacturing (RTM) build supposedly will include the 20 Start Screen patterns.

Screen Resolutions

Another new item that will be present in windows 8 is the resolution. Windows 8 will have another resolution: 3840 * 1200. This change will work with the expansion, or dual screens prepared by the user. The default screen resolution in Win7 was 1920*1200.

Evening Stars theme package

Microsoft had released the first Win8 official theme package ” evening with the Stars “built-in wallpaper full 3840 * 1200 resolution.


This results in a panoramic image as wallpaper. So when you are using two monitors it will automatically extend the image to the two monitors, but both monitors have to have the same resolution. If the displays are different sizes or have different resolution settings, a different image will appear in each monitor.

The download is available at the Microsoft Download Center.


The Israeli blog site, TechIT, published a photo that will be used as the default wallpaper in the Windows 8 operating system, final build. The official background of the new operating system is Daisy.

As the final Microsoft Windows 8 experience is about ready to become available, it is interesting to see how the back screen  desktop experience is starting to look. It will be different.


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