Windows 8 start screen backgrounds are colorful

I like my operating system to be as minimalistic as possible. This may make me a minority in times where everything needs to be glamorous and colorful, but that’s how I grew up and the release of Windows 8 won’t change that. I was for instance never a fan of desktop backgrounds, preferring plain solid color backgrounds over photos of your cat, a romantic sunset or the latest car of your favorite car manufacturer.

Since everyone seems to got hold of the new Windows 8 RTM early, that is everyone but me, I rely on information that those people post to see what has changed in the final version of Windows 8.

Sarvesh has posted all startpage backgrounds of Windows 8 on this blog, and I can’t help myself but say wow, those are colorful. You find some of the existing backgrounds there, and many that look as if they have specifically designed for children working with the operating system. I for one can’t really see myself working with any of the more colorful backgrounds there, especially not in a business environment.

Then again, if you love bright color backgrounds you probably love the new backgrounds for the startpage. The purple background color may have something to do with it as well as it is probably not the color of choice for business environments. Do the backgrounds look better if you select black, gray or white instead? To be honest I have no idea as I can’t test that right now.

The start screen in the Windows 8 Release Preview can be customized to show a solid color only and no designs, and according to one of the screenshots posted, that’s also possible in the final version of Windows 8.

What’s your take on the backgrounds that Microsoft ships with the Windows 8 operating system?


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