Microsoft Rename “Metro” To…. Windows 8?

Earlier on in the week I covered a story that Microsoft was ditching the “Metro” name that was commonly used when referring to the new user interface in Windows 8. The reason behind this name change was because Microsoft was allegedly infringing on a copyright held by a German superstore.

Microsoft promised us a new name within the week, and according to sources at ZDnet, Microsoft have landed on “Windows 8” as the new name to replace Metro. Creative… I know right.

I suppose in a way it does make some sense. It’s quite a simple and subtle name change which won’t go causing any major branding issues. “Windows Metro Apps” will now simply be referred to as “Windows 8 Apps”. The “Metro User Interface” will simply be known as the “Windows 8 User Interface”. Nice and simple.

Here’s what ZDNet sources had to say

¬†Anything currently/formerly known as a “Metro-Style application” (with or without a hyphen) will now be known officially as a “Windows 8 application.” References to the “Metro user interface” will now be replaced by “Windows 8 user interface.” And instead of saying “Metro design,” the Softies and those adhering to their official guidelines will be using the words “Windows 8 design.”

Microsoft haven’t officially released a statement confirming this, but it seems pretty set in stone at this stage. In a recent product¬†announcement¬†page from Lenovo, they advertised “Windows 8 Apps” as a feature of their new Thinkpad Tablet.

It’s quite a straightforward and simple brand change. It’s not going to confuse anyone at least. After all, the “Metro” name was simply a code name that’s been used by Microsoft and Developers alike.



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One Response to Microsoft Rename “Metro” To…. Windows 8?

  1. Martin Brinkmann August 10, 2012 at 4:02 am #

    I can’t really believe that they do, as it would certainly start to become problematic once Windows 9 comes out. Will Microsoft then switch to Windows 9 apps when they refer to the apps designed for Windows 9, or will the company still use Windows 8 apps for that? It is confusing and not the best solution. Why not just leave the version number, so that they would call it Windows design, windows apps and windows interface.

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