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Well today’s the day that Windows 8 is released to the world (with both Microsoft’s MSDN and TechNet websites promptly crashing under the weight of its own popularity) and so it seems a fitting day for me to announce that, sadly, I’m leaving the team here at Everything-Microsoft.  When I joined back in May 2009 my life was very different.  I was about to start writing my self-published Windows 7 Power Users Guide that I released at the end of August that year, around the same time the RTM versions of Windows 7 had become available.

Since then, back in the days when I needed to have a proper job, things have changed substantially.  The Power Users Guide led to my being signed by Microsoft Press the following year with Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out being released almost exactly one year after the launch of the Windows 7 OS, followed by my being the first (of hopefully many) MVP awardee on the writing team.  Now though I’ve just finished no fewer than three Windows 8 books which have all now gone into production, and I’ve started a fourth for release later this year.

For the new books, there’s one for complete beginners, another for power users and the next edition of troubleshooting.  Lastly my latest Windows 8 book is an Exam Reference for a new Microsoft IT Pro qualification.  I won’t bore you with the details but you can find out more here.

In that time it’s not only my life that’s changed but the whole IT industry.  Back in 2009 the world hadn’t even heard the name iPad and the idea that we’d all be carrying around tablets, and that the venerable  business operating system, Microsoft Windows, would be geared specifically for tablets within three years seemed laughable.  How times have changed.

They’ve changed for Microsoft too.  Both Apple and Google have stolen huge percentage shares in the OS markets and even companies like RIM and HP have given Microsoft a bloody nose in both tablets and smartphones.  All the time through this we’ve been here at Everything-Microsoft keeping you up to date, bringing you the latest news and offering new features such as hardware reviews too.  Compared to the period between Windows Vista and Windows 7, the last three years certainly haven’t been dull.

I consider myself very fortunate then to have been commentating here during what has most likely been the most exciting three year period in Microsoft’s history.  I’m also incredibly lucky to have worked with such a brilliant and in-touch editorial team.

Now though all those books will need supporting and there’ll be much more new book writing to do as well I’m sure.  I also want to focus more on tutorial videos and I sincerely hope you’ll drop in now and again to YouTube to see what’s new or keep up with me on Facebook or Twitter.  This will all take a great amount of time and I’ve had to become a full-time author just to get the work done,  not that I’ve got anything to complain about of course.

So this will be my last post here at Windows 7 News, Windows 8 News, Everything-Microsoft.  It’s been tremendous fun getting to know you all, helping bring you the latest news, tips and reviews and being part of a community that has made me feel welcome and that has helped support my writing and my career in such a special way.  I won’t forget the last three years and I wish the team here every success in what is surely going to be another three fascinating years for Microsoft.

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One Response to Leaving Everything-Microsoft

  1. Robert Boland August 19, 2012 at 1:29 pm #

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and learn from your extensive knowledge over the last couple of years Mike, I think it’s fair to say, we wouldn’t have such a high level of expertise on the site if it wasn’t for you!

    I wish you all the best in the future!

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