Windows Store Apps official name for Metro apps

I’m not sure how you feel about the whole “we don’t call it Metro anymore” announcement that we discussed some time ago here on Everything Microsoft, but ever since Microsoft has announced that it would refrain from using the term Metro, things have become confusing.

The main reason for this was that no one knew how they should refer to the “interface formerly known as Metro”, since Microsoft never really made a public statement about it. Suggestions ranged from Modern UI to Windows 8 and lots of terms in between.

Microsoft now starts to use the term Windows Store apps more frequently, and it appears to be the official term the company wants anyone to use when referring to apps that users can run in the Windows 8 operating system. That still leaves a few questions unanswered, as we still do not know how the company calls the start page interface itself. Will it be the Windows Store interface, simply startpage, or something completely different?

windows store apps

The common denominator for programs that run on Windows RT and Windows 8 is that they come (mostly) from the Windows Store. That makes the term Windows Store apps okay-ish but not really something that many Windows users will start to use. The majority will probably refer to them as apps, or Windows apps, which quite frankly would make more sense.

According to Mary Jo over at ZDnet, Windows Store won’t be the name for the Metro-design interface of the operating system

So is Microsoft is going to start referring to the Metro design language/philosophy/tiled user interface as “Windows Store”? No. “Windows Store” is, apparently, the new, official replacement for “Metro-Style” only. And what happened to Microsoft’s guidance that folks start referring to Metro apps as “Windows 8” apps? I guess that’s out the window (pun intended) now….

What about apps that are not sold in the store? Are they also Windows Store apps even though they are not offered in Windows Store? To add to the confusion, what about Windows Phone apps? Are those also Windows Store apps now? Microsoft just announced that it renamed the Windows Phone Marketplace to Windows Phone Store. The most likely name for the apps is therefor Windows Phone Store apps.

I’m not a fan of all the remaining that is going on, and Microsoft’s new choices. What about you?

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