Final Windows 8 Pricing revealed

Microsoft has been extremely tight lipped about the price of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system.The company previously only announced plans to run promotions for people buying eligible PCs with a version of Windows 7 pre-installed, and for users of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 in form of a upgrade promotion.

Existing Windows users who want to upgrade their systems to Windows 8 can buy a digital upgrade of Windows 8 that is available for $39.99 until January 31, 2013. Users who do can’t upgrade or do not want to buy an upgrade copy can purchase Windows 8 Pro, the top of the line retail version of the operating system, for $69.99 until January 31, 2013.

Only customers who buy an eligible PC with a previous version of Windows get to pay less than that. They can upgrade to Windows 8 for $14.99. For that, their PC needs to have been purchased between June 2 and January 31.

buy windows 8 pro

See Buy Windows 8 Pro for $69.99 until January 2013, then $199 for additional information about the process.

Mary Jo Foley received word about the full retail pricing of Windows 8. While that has not been confirmed by Microsoft officially yet, the sources usually are dead on the money.

According to Mary Jo’s unnamed sources, Windows 8 system builder copies of Windows 8 will cost roughly the same amount that system builder copies for Windows 7 are available right now. This means that Windows 8 will be available for about $100, the Windows 8 Pro version for $20 to $40 more so that you can expect to pay between $120 to $140 for it. It is likely that these versions will get discounted.

It needs to be noted that it is not clear right now if Microsoft will make available boxed versions of Windows 8 as well, or if the company will rely solely on system builder and digital versions. The company has about a month to release the information to the public, and you can be sure that we will inform you once that happens.

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