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How much will you have to pay for a PC running Windows 8? That’s one of the questions that we could not really answer until now. Microsoft is keeping tight lipped about the pricing of its Surface RT tablet that the company intents to ship on October 25, and other manufacturers too have not revealed pricing information yet.

If you hop over to, the website of the Home Shopping Network, you find the first Windows 8 laptops listed there for sale.  A total of five laptops and PCs are displayed here, with two manufactured by Gateway and two by Acer. Lets take a closer look at those PCs to find out how we stand when it comes to pricing of PCs running Windows 8:

  • Gateway Windows 8 Core i5, 4GB Ram, 500GB HD, Intel HD Graphics 4000,  15.6″ laptop for $699.95
  • Acer Windows 8 Core i5, 8GB Ram, 750GB HD, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 15.6″ laptop for $999.95
  • Gateway 23″ Touchscreen LCD, Windows 8, Core i5, 6GB Ram, 1TB hard drive, All in one PC with Intel HD graphics for  $1199.95
  • Acer 23″ Windows 8 Core i5, 6GB Ram, 1TB hd, all in one PC with Intel HD graphics for $999.95

The big question here is if those offers are more expensive than comparable Windows 7 offers. To find out, we need to compare the pricing of Windows 8 laptops with Windows 7 laptops on the same site.

windows 8 laptops

You find two comparable Gateway laptops on the HSN website. The first is a 15.6″ Core i3 laptop with 6GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive for $849.95, the second a 15.6″quad core laptop with 4GB of Ram and a 640GB hard drive for $749.95.

Prices are not higher, in fact, they are cheaper. While that is no scientific evidence that Windows 8 laptops will be cheaper in general than comparable Windows 7 laptops, it is fair to assume that they won’t be more expensive than their counterparts.

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