Windows 8 Box Shots appear on Amazon

Windows 8 will be released this month, and there are still a lot of uncertainties about the operating system due to a lack of communication by Microsoft. It is not really clear why the company is that tight-lipped about the operating system, considering that it is about to be released.

Lack of information usually goes along with a very active rumor mill, which is also the case when it comes to Windows 8. One rumor for instance up until now was that Microsoft won’t offer boxed copies of the operating system at all.

Windows 8 Pro upgrade box shots have appeared on Amazon’s UK website. To be precise, the online shop lists the following Windows 8 versions and box shots on the site:

  • Windows 8 Pro, Upgrade Edition, N Version [link]
  • Windows 8 Pro, Upgrade Edition [link]
  • Windows 8 Pro Pack [link]

The shopping pages only list the box shots but no pricing information or descriptions. What’s however interesting that you find a lot of Windows 8 promo videos listed there alongside the box shots. There are 16 videos in total that highlight new features of the operating system.

The following features are explained by the videos:

  • All about apps
  • The Windows Store
  • Find things with search
  • Learn about search
  • Command your apps
  • Share photos, links and more
  • Switch between apps
  • Personalize your experience
  • Change your settings
  • Snap your apps

It comes as no surprise that the majority of videos highlight start page features of the operating system exclusively.

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