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Have A Look At Windows 8′s Retail Packaging

Leaked images of the new Windows 8 Retail packaging have made their way to the web earlier on this week. The colourful retail boxes are quite simple and showcase different flavours of the Windows 8 logo

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Microsoft Rename “Metro” To…. Windows 8?

Microsoft have landed on a new name for “Metro” and it’s quite simply just Windows 8. Microsoft were forced to abandon the Metro code name due to alleged copyright infringements

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Microsoft Kills Off Metro, But The UI Is Still Here

Microsoft have been forced to kill of the Metro name from it’s new operating system – Windows 8 over a potential trademark dispute

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Windows 8 Ultrabooks and Tablets To Feature More Sensors

Intel have written about the various sensors that will be required in Windows 8 Ultrabooks and Hybrids. Hybrid ultrabooks will be required to have all 5 sensors

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Microsoft’s BUILD Conference Set For October 30th

Microsoft have set the date for the developers BUILD conference as October 30th. They are brining the conference to their home town in Washington this time around

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Screenshots of Windows 8 RTM Leaked

Some more screenshots of the Windows 8 RTM have been leaked. They show that Microsoft are continuing to implement their metro ui across the whole OS

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Microsoft Records Its First Ever Loss

Microsoft has recorded it’s first ever loss in history this last quarter. Microsoft have never recorded a loss since becoming a public company 26 years ago

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EU Chases Microsoft Again Over Bundling IE In Windows 8

Microsoft could face some hefty fines if the current investigations being carried out by the EU prove to be true

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Microsoft May Only Offer OEM and Upgrade Versions of Windows 8

Microsoft may be dropping the full retail version of Windows 8 and instead only offer Windows 8 as an upgrade or an OEM package

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Acer Offering Free Windows 8 Pro Upgrades

Acer will be offering their customers a free upgrade to Windows 8 if they purchase a Windows 7 powered machine now. They will refund the $14.99 that Microsoft are charging for the upgrade

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Windows 7 Claims The Market As Windows 8 Looms

Windows 7 has finally claimed more than 50% of the operating system marketshare, nearly 3 years after its release. How will Windows 8 fair when its released?

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Microsoft Says Ditch Desktop Gadgets Or Risk Viruses

Microsoft have released a security fix it that removes desktop gadgets from Windows 7 and Windows Vista which has a security flaw that could allow remote code execution

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Windows 8 vs Windows 7 – Who’s The Quickest?

PcMag carried out a variety of tests to see what the difference is between Windows 8 and Windows 7. The results show that Windows 8 has significantly improved boot times and browser performance

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Microsoft Announce Windows 8 Pro Upgrade For Just $39.99

Microsoft have announced a special upgrade price of $39.99 for Windows 8 Pro when it’s released later on this year. The special offer will run until 31st Jan 2013

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Full Upgrades to Windows 8 Only Possible from Windows 7

Microsoft has shared details of the different upgrade paths available to Windows 8 with some of it’s industry partners. However they haven’t officially informed the public as of yet

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File Explorer

Microsoft Renames Windows Explorer to File Explorer

Microsoft have changed the name of the Windows Explorer back to File Explorer in one of the latest builds of Windows 8. Is this just a random change or is their a reason Microsoft did this?

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windows 8 metro

Windows 8 RTM Could Be Delivered Next Month

Windows 8 is expected to be Released To Manufacturing (RTM) by the end of July according to well known Windows enthusiast

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How To Set Up A Picture Password In Windows 8

This is a guide to show you how to set up a picture password in Windows 8. This is a new feature in Windows 8

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