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In the hardware area, Microsoft is announcing new mouse and keyboards, designed to work with Windows 8.

Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Tablets will be able to use the Wedge Mobile Keyboard. It seamlessly connected to tablets using Bluetooth. It has a full size keyboard yet but with a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around. It has a durable cover protect your keyboard from scratches. It also quickly converts into a tablet stand. When you’re done using it, you can simply snap the cover back on the keyboard to power it down before you stash it away.

Estimated retail price US$79.95.

Sculpt Touch Mouse

Designed to provide comfort and portability, the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse offers a solution for navigation with a Windows 8-based PC.

It has a four-way touch scroll strip so you can breeze up and down, left and right. It works through applications and documents with a simple finger swipe. It is ideal for navigating the Windows 8 Start screen.

The Sculpt Touch Mouse uses Bluetooth technology meaning that you can connect wirelessly to your tablet without a cable or transceiver.

Estimated retail price: US$49.95.

Sculpt Mobile Keyboard

The Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard provides a working system of mobility and productivity. This is a full-size keyboard with Microsoft’s Comfort Curve design and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

It weighs around one pound, and the keyboard is perfect for travel computing with high-quality construction. Its Comfort Curve makes it easy to position the hands and wrists in aa easy to work position.

It also has a battery-saving technology to put the keyboard down into sleep mode after a period of inactivity. All it takes is a simple tap of a key to reconnect.

Estimated retail price US$49.95.

No timeframe has been release about when these products will be available. But this hardware technology adds to Microsoft’s intent on making Windows 8 easier to use.


Source: Microsoft Hardware


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Microsoft, Skype and Linuxhttp://www.everything-microsoft.com/2012/06/16/microsoft-skype-linux/ http://www.everything-microsoft.com/2012/06/16/microsoft-skype-linux/#comments Sat, 16 Jun 2012 13:11:54 +0000 http://www.everything-microsoft.com/?p=94603 Microsoft and Linux may have some Windows 8 PC issues, as I mentioned in a previous post, Windows 8 PC’s, Linux, and the UEFI, but that doesn’t mean that Microsoft is not working to make Linux easier to use. Recently, Microsoft shipped out a new version of Skype, just for Linux.


New Features

That will be good news for Linux users, who may be wondering if Microsoft is going to kill their Skype – Linux connection. No it won’t. So here are some of the features.

One improved feature is easier conversations. The new conversations window lets you manage all your recent conversations in one place; users can easily track all of their chats in a unified window. This eliminates the multiple chat windows issue from before.

There is a new Call View and improved audio quality; plus they are also working on improving video call quality and have also extended support for more cameras.


Now chat synchronization is better than before, plus there are new presence and emoticon icons. You also have the ability to store and view phone numbers in a Skype contact’s profile. And the chat history loading is faster. Plus, there is a lower chance Skype for Linux will crash or freeze.

While these improvements are good for the user, Microsoft, warns, however, that the very first time you start Skype for Linux 4.0 might take a few minutes to launch. This depends on how lengthy your chat history is.


Formally, the new Skype for Linux is available for the 32 and 64-bit versions of Ubuntu 10.04 and Debian 6.0 and the 32-bit versions of Fedora 16 and OpenSUSE 12.1.

Here are the overall requirements to use this Skype version: Qt 4.6.0, D-Bus 1.0.0, libasound2 1.0.18 with both PulseAudio 1.0 and BlueZ 4.0.0 being optional. Without a source code option, though, you’re much stuck with the Debian/Ubuntu, Red Hat, and SUSE Linux families.

Linux users should be happy with this announcement, because they may have bee worried after Microsoft acquired Skype, that their Linux-Skype connection would end. Doesn’t look that way.


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The Ups and Downs of Microsoft e-Readerhttp://www.everything-microsoft.com/2012/03/20/ups-downs-microsoft-e-reader/ http://www.everything-microsoft.com/2012/03/20/ups-downs-microsoft-e-reader/#comments Tue, 20 Mar 2012 13:28:51 +0000 http://www.everything-microsoft.com/?p=90670 The e-Reader, Microsoft’s version of Amazon’s Kindle has had a rocky life at Microsoft’s own doing. It was created back in 2000, and has been a mainstay product for about 10 years, but one that was not very popular. Then Microsoft announced that it would end the e-Reader in August 2012. That’s just five months away.


That was then this is now. With Windows 8 peering over the horizon now,  it looks like there may be a second life to a product that has been under the radar for some time now. Launched in 2000, Microsoft e-Reader offered access to e-Books on any Windows-based device  including PDAs and smartphones while using the company’s own .lit format. Now, with Windows 8, and the all inclusive Metro Interface, there appears to be a revival of the product because it fits in so well with that UI.

Another reason for re-appraising the e-Reader is that Microsoft seems to be limiting OEMs from putting the Windows Phone OS on screens above a certain size. But on the Windows 8 phone and tablets it would appear that Windows 8 Metro e-readers, may materialize, and they could be running on ARM.

Microsoft's e-Reader

Microsoft e-Reader


Other Competition

Given the fact that some companies, like Amazon, survive by taking advantage of existing technologies, it would seem reasonable to assume that they might just create a Kindle device with a Windows 8 platform. Think of it an e-Reader running on Windows 8, and not a Microsoft hardware device. Will they stand for that?

Microsoft has something to think about, because  when Microsoft’s engineer/designer Brandon Watson left the Windows Phone team to join Amazon’s Kindle Cross Platform team it raised eyebrows about whether Amazon might have a Windows-based e-reader in the wings. Amazon was working on a Windows 8 Kindle app, but it wouldn’t be impossible for them to create their own dedicated Windows 8 e-Reader. There’s nothing to stop Amazon from putting Windows 8 on a new Fire or other Kindle. So from Microsoft’s perspective, if they don’t create or maintain their own e-Reader, that is another marketplace product that they will have given to their competition.

Source:  The Register

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