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Windows 8 Launched Today

After years of development, the latest version of Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 launched at midnight last night.  It is most probably the most radical version of the Windows…

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Microsoft Rename “Metro” To…. Windows 8?

Microsoft have landed on a new name for “Metro” and it’s quite simply just Windows 8. Microsoft were forced to abandon the Metro code name due to alleged copyright infringements

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buy windows 8 pro

Windows 8 Pro to retail for €59.99?

Microsoft has not revealed the retail price of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system yet. What the Redmond company has revealed up to this point is a promotional offer for…

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Microsoft Announce Windows 8 Pro Upgrade For Just $39.99

Microsoft have announced a special upgrade price of $39.99 for Windows 8 Pro when it’s released later on this year. The special offer will run until 31st Jan 2013

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Microsoft Recruiting For Marketing Of Windows 8

Microsoft seem to be recruiting for the launch of Windows 8. They’ve got two new job listings up on their careers website

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It's Official: Windows 8 Name Confirmed

We don’t need to change the name of this site; Microsoft finally confirm that Windows 8 will be the name of the OS to replace Windows 7.

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