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Windows 8 Box Shots appear on Amazon

Windows 8 will be released this month, and there are still a lot of uncertainties about the operating system due to a lack of communication by Microsoft. It is not…

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windows 8 laptops

Windows 8 PCs go on sale at

How much will you have to pay for a PC running Windows 8? That’s one of the questions that we could not really answer until now. Microsoft is keeping tight…

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Final Windows 8 Pricing revealed

Microsoft has been extremely tight lipped about the price of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system.The company previously only announced plans to run promotions for people buying eligible PCs with…

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Rise of Windows 8 chips: first Intel, now AMD

Chip giant Intel on Friday last week announced that it won’t support Linux on its upcoming Clover Trail Atom processor. The very same day, AMD announced that it is concentrating…

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windows store apps

Windows Store Apps official name for Metro apps

I’m not sure how you feel about the whole “we don’t call it Metro anymore” announcement that we discussed some time ago here on Everything Microsoft, but ever since Microsoft…

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samsung ativ s black

Samsung Ativ S and Ativ Tab 10.1 price reveal

Take this with a grain of salt as the prices have not yet been confirmed by Samsung officially. Samsung has revealed several of its upcoming devices, mobile phones, tablets and…

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disable driver signature enforcement

How to install unsigned drivers in Windows 8

If you are trying to get old trusted hardware working under Windows 8, or other hardware were no signed drivers have been created by the manufacturer yet, you may have…

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Buy Windows 8 Pro for $69.99 until January 2013, then $199

Take the following with a grain of salt as it has not been confirmed officially by Microsoft. Tom Warren over at The Verge reports that sources close to Microsoft have…

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Multiple Rumors Suggest a Microsoft Surface RT to Launch at $199

The official price of the much-anticipated Microsoft Surface RT hasn’t been announced, but rumors peg the device to retail for a stunningly-low price of $199.

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Microsoft Rename “Metro” To…. Windows 8?

Microsoft have landed on a new name for “Metro” and it’s quite simply just Windows 8. Microsoft were forced to abandon the Metro code name due to alleged copyright infringements

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fast boot windows 8

How to disable Fast Start in Windows 8

Windows 8 Release Preview users find an option to turn fast startup on or off in the power options control panel applet. Fast startup, also known as hybrid boot, basically…

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Windows 8 start screen backgrounds are colorful

I like my operating system to be as minimalistic as possible. This may make me a minority in times where everything needs to be glamorous and colorful, but that’s how…

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windows 8 aero enabled

How to activate Aero under Windows 8

Aero has been an integral part of Windows 7 and there are certainly users who appreciate the look and feel that it added to the operating system. If you are…

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Microsoft Kills Off Metro, But The UI Is Still Here

Microsoft have been forced to kill of the Metro name from it’s new operating system – Windows 8 over a potential trademark dispute

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Windows 8 RTM Leak

It was inevitable that someone would leak the RTM of the next version of Windows. Less than 24 hours after Microsoft announced that it had build the Windows 8 RTM,…

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Windows 8 to include instructions on how to use it

The Windows 8 RTM release is just a day old and we are already seeing new information about the operating system on the Internet. Darren Baker has posted screenshots of…

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windows 8 metro

WIndows 8 to Include 20 Different Metro Themes

The Windows 8 Start screen is shown having at least 20 different Metro theme options in a new build, but is that enough for most users?

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Windows 8 App Price $1.49

$1.49. Not $.99. That will be the cost of apps on the Windows 8 store.  Microsoft, in order to encourage app developers to make Windows 8 Apps, will be charging…

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