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Windows 8 Release Date October 26

October 22, 2009 the debut of Windows 7 occurred. Now three years later, almost to the day, October 26, 2012 Windows 8 will be released. There has probably not been…

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Acer Offering Free Windows 8 Pro Upgrades

Acer will be offering their customers a free upgrade to Windows 8 if they purchase a Windows 7 powered machine now. They will refund the $14.99 that Microsoft are charging for the upgrade

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windows 7 to 8 upgrade

Windows 8 will be available October 2012

Microsoft has just revealed that its next operating system Windows 8 will be available at the end of October 2012. News broke earlier today at the Worldwide Partner Conference when…

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windows 8 upgrade

Windows 8 Upgrades limited to PCs with previous Windows version

Options to install Windows 8 using an upgrade version of the operating system on a blank PC, one without Windows operating system, do not seem to be available anymore according…

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Microsoft Announce Windows 8 Pro Upgrade For Just $39.99

Microsoft have announced a special upgrade price of $39.99 for Windows 8 Pro when it’s released later on this year. The special offer will run until 31st Jan 2013

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Full Upgrades to Windows 8 Only Possible from Windows 7

Microsoft has shared details of the different upgrade paths available to Windows 8 with some of it’s industry partners. However they haven’t officially informed the public as of yet

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File Explorer

Microsoft Renames Windows Explorer to File Explorer

Microsoft have changed the name of the Windows Explorer back to File Explorer in one of the latest builds of Windows 8. Is this just a random change or is their a reason Microsoft did this?

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windows 8 metro

Windows 8 RTM Could Be Delivered Next Month

Windows 8 is expected to be Released To Manufacturing (RTM) by the end of July according to well known Windows enthusiast

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What They’re Saying About Microsoft’s Surface Tablets

Microsoft’s latest announcement has people talking around the web, but what’s the real verdict on the new Surface Tablets?

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Windows 8 PC’s, Linux, and the UEFI

Microsoft’s Windows 8 should be making its debut around October 2012. For PC manufacturers, that will have the new OS it means that a new format for multiple OS operations…

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windows 8 video playback

Windows 8: Improved Video Decoding Efficiency

One of the shortcomings of Windows 8 in comparison to some editions of its predecessors is the lack of native DVD playback support. This may not be a big issue…

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Windows 8 Antivirus To Be Activated As Last Resort

Microsoft won’t be activating their own Windows Defender Antivirus as default, instead they will let OEM’s choose what antivirus they want to install

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Windows 8 Release Preview Downloads Online

Microsoft has just made available the Windows 8 Release Preview downloads. News broke earlier that Microsoft had the intention to release the new development version of Windows 8 today, and…

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The Verge: Windows 8 RP to Be Available Tomorrow (May 31st)

The Verge has good word, according to their sources, that Microsoft is prepping the Release Preview of Windows 8 for a May 31st release.

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IE10 Will Have Native Flash Integration in Windows 8

Surprise, surprise. A few month ago Microsoft revealed its plans to ship the Windows 8 operating system with two distinctly different versions of the company’s own Internet Explorer web browser.…

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Boot Options menu

Windows 8 Boots too fast

Microsoft has been working on improving the boot process of the Windows operating system ever since the company started working on Windows 7. Windows XP users who upgraded or purchased…

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Multi-Monitor Support from Windows 8

Windows 8 will enhance Multi Monitor Support. That is one of the new things that users will find in the new OS. The OS is set to launch around October…

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