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September 30, 2010 at 3:41 pm #86241


I’ve been creating a .wav Library, using iTunes.  I was able to get my .wav files "keyed", and backed up, using SyncToy 2.1.  My Library contains approximately 2,000 tracks.  I need my Music Library to retain .wav type files, so I can move the tracks back and forth, between my Library, and my DC Art restoration program.

I had my Library, on my 1.5 Tb external drive "H", listed as keyed .wav files; also, I figured out how to Backup my "H" drive to my "I" drive (another external 1.5 Tb drive, with the keying still intact. 

There are many things that you cannot do with keyed .wav files, such as cut-copy/paste, because the files lose the keying, and revert to an unusable format.

Somehow, I managed to screw up both my Music Library and my Backup.  Right now, I have my Music Library, drive "H" rearranged by "Artist>Album>Tracks". 

My source from the Diamond Cut Forum, states that I can convert to the "Broad Cast Wave Format (BCF)" which is essentially the same as the Wave fomat and it will retain the "key" information for sorting purposes.

My question is: If I open my Music Library which is listed by "Artist", then click "select all", and apply my conversion from .wav to .BCF, will my program go to my Artist sub-file (that  contains the .wav files), and automatically convert all of my wave files to Broadcast Wave files?

Or, should I do a search for my .wav files on my drive "H", and do my conversion, after my search is complete?,

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