How to Change Hard Drive Icons

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March 30, 2011 at 3:33 am #86350


[b:2nr07s71]This guide contains Registry changes,[/b:2nr07s71]  [color=red:2nr07s71]Do so at your own risk[/color:2nr07s71].
Back up the registry before making any changes.

First thing to do is make a new folder for your icons in a place of your choosing and name it "[b:2nr07s71]HardDriveIcons[/b:2nr07s71]".
Next, collect your icons and place them in the "[b:2nr07s71]HardDriveIcons[/b:2nr07s71]" folder.
Note; All icons should be 256×256 in size w/ .ico extension.

Now, open "[b:2nr07s71]Regedit[/b:2nr07s71]" and navigate to; [b:2nr07s71]HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClasses[/b:2nr07s71]
Expand "[b:2nr07s71]Classes[/b:2nr07s71]" and scroll down to "[b:2nr07s71]Applications[/b:2nr07s71]" (if that key does not exist, create it by right clicking on "[b:2nr07s71]Classes[/b:2nr07s71]", then "[b:2nr07s71]New[/b:2nr07s71]", then "[b:2nr07s71]Key[/b:2nr07s71]", name it, then hit Enter)
Under "[b:2nr07s71]Applications[/b:2nr07s71]" expand "[b:2nr07s71]Explorer.exe[/b:2nr07s71]", then "[b:2nr07s71]Drives[/b:2nr07s71]" (if neither of those sub-keys exist, create "[b:2nr07s71]Explorer.exe[/b:2nr07s71]" by right clicking "[b:2nr07s71]Applications[/b:2nr07s71]", then "[b:2nr07s71]New[/b:2nr07s71]", then "[b:2nr07s71]Key[/b:2nr07s71]", name it, then hit Enter, create "[b:2nr07s71]Drives[/b:2nr07s71]" by right clicking "[b:2nr07s71]Explorer.exe[/b:2nr07s71]", then "[b:2nr07s71]New[/b:2nr07s71]", then "[b:2nr07s71]Key[/b:2nr07s71]", name it, then hit Enter)
Now, under "[b:2nr07s71]Drives[/b:2nr07s71]" create new keys for each drive using the drive letter as the name, then under each drive, create a new sub-key and name it "[b:2nr07s71]DefaultIcon[/b:2nr07s71]"
When finished it should look something like this;

Now, to change the icons;
Click on "[b:2nr07s71]DefaultIcon[/b:2nr07s71]" and in the right pane, right click on ([b:2nr07s71]Default[/b:2nr07s71]), then click on "[b:2nr07s71]Modify[/b:2nr07s71]", then in the "[b:2nr07s71]Value Data[/b:2nr07s71]" box, enter the location of your hard drive icons,
[i:2nr07s71]ie: J:/HardDriveIcons/black.ico.[/i:2nr07s71]
Do this for each drive icon you wish to change and that’s it, your done.

[b:2nr07s71]Before: Standard Windows Drive Icons:[/b:2nr07s71]

[b:2nr07s71]After: Custom Hard Drive Icons;[/b:2nr07s71]

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