Make Windows 7 Start Up Faster

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January 24, 2011 at 7:06 am #86314


Windows 7, the latest hallmark of Microsoft, is welcomed by people all over the world. Especially those who wanted improvements in the Windows shutdown and boot up times. For people a faster boot up may considerably affect their motivation levels related to productivity. However, despite these improvements there are still chances that Windows 7 start up might not be as faster as it used to be in the beginning. People are wondering is that the operating system deficiency or something other is behind this.

Some experiments and studies have positively identified the variation in speed slowdowns during the start up. A study by a famous registry cleaner maker identifies that in some cases the Windows 7 boot up is even slower as compared to the XP and Vista (Ina, 2009).

February 27, 2011 at 4:09 pm #89910


Windows 7 and several earlier versions of Windows have a feature that will largely eliminate the problem of long startups.
Why it’s not more widely used is beyond me.
It’s called Hibernation.
Simply Hibernate instead of Shutdown.
Shutdown only when it’s needed to install updates.
Hibernation is a tad slower than Shutdown but Boot is much, much faster.
And before anyone asks YES when a PC is hibernation it is 100% powered off.  You can unplug it and reboot a month later and  it will come back up.
The only thing I’d suggest is close all applications before you Hibernate.  Firefox in particular seems to be a little fussy if left up during a Hibernation.  Most other apps I’ve tried don’t have issues but it’s always a good idea to close any app with open files.

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