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June 27, 2009 at 1:46 pm #85310


I’m looking forward to hear and see something about Windows 8. When Vista was released (GA) It took about a year until the Windows 7 M1 screens popped up, but I hope we don’t have to wait that long for Windows 8. I’m so nervous for it…  ;D

I hope we would have an interface change in Windows 8, because I’m tired of Aero…
I have thought a long time about interface concepts, and at the end I found something which I would love:

- I would like no borders around Windows, Only a shine with a color you could change similar to the Aero color you can change now. When you move your mouse pointer to the top of a Window, the Window name would appear at the left, and a close, minimize,… button would appear at the right.

- I would like the taskbar to be not a rectangle straght form, but  in a smooth round form with the Windows logo in the middle, and the icons at the left and right. Like this: see attachment.

Furthermore I would like a new Windows Explorer (It’s still very old), and a new paint with layers and more options.

All these changes are huge, but the next ones are some smaller ones which really need to be in Windows 8:

- New buttons: The vsta buttons and Windows 7 buttons are ugly and old. I would like new buttons which are rounded like the Wii buttons,  with a better background coller/pattern and that have a color when you hover your mouse over them just like the Windows 7 taskbar icons.

- new expand/minimize buttons for folders in the explorer. I hate the black arrows.

The ability to do basic tasks in the login screen: reading/answering your email, viewing pictures or usic, watch your rss feeds (from this site <img src=” title=”Cheesy” />), edit settings,…

- Better bootscreen and some new technologies which blows Apple,.. away!

So what do you think?

June 28, 2009 at 1:36 am #88234


All of these changes would take windows 8 ahead of apple in the UI design (Windows 7 is 2 much like leapod). I dont know if these changes would really be that hard to implement as they are just minor code changes. I really do hope Microsoft will put some if not all of these changes.

July 8, 2009 at 12:55 pm #88265


I love them all except:

"- I would like no borders around Windows, Only a shine with a color you could change similar to the Aero color you can change now. When you move your mouse pointer to the top of a Window, the Window name would appear at the left, and a close, minimize,… button would appear at the right." – i quite like the windows


"- I would like the taskbar to be not a rectangle straght form, but&nbsp; in a smooth round form with the Windows logo in the middle, and the icons at the left and right" – it would take ages for some users to become familiar with this

all the other I want to see

July 8, 2009 at 2:55 pm #88267


I have a strong feeling that the explorer will be changed quite a bit in Windows 8, since the taskbar was changed in Windows 7. That being said I don’t think they’re going to change the taskbar again. They’ll most likely tweak the current taskbar even more to workout any quirks but thats about it. I think I know what you want the taskabar to look like and although it may look nice what matters more is that usablity is scalable..if that makes sense. Basically, it needs to be easy enough that casual users can use it for there everyday tasks and powerful enough for Designers and Developers and such.

The shine thing seems kinda needless though I do think that the heavy shadows on active windows in Aero can look disgusting, however any sort of Window behavior will in general be under the category of the explorer so I can imagine that being changed.

The bootscreen is a possibility, one thing I was never sure of with the Windows 7 bootskin is if the animation needs to finish before it goes to the logon screen. It seems like when MS came up with the animation it was under the assumption or with knowledge that the OS will no boot up in shorter amount of time then it takes for the orbs to clash.

What I’m hoping for is that they will further decrease the OS’s hardrive and memory footprint, and visually, maybe all new icons. Also I beleive it’s still the case that if explorer is not pinned to the taskbar then as you go into different libraries the icon will change to that of the libray you are in and if more then one explorer windows is open it will switch back to default explorer icon. I loved that and I hope that they adopt that behavior for when it’s pinned aswell. More notification is always a good thing aslong as it does get too annoying lol

July 9, 2009 at 2:16 am #88272


What I want to see in Windows 8 is (1) a logical and understandable saved document filing system, and (2) the ability to COMPLETELY disable ALL multi-user functions.

The lack of system for saving documents (photos, printed documents, music, …) has come to an appalling state.&nbsp; Things began to go astray along about Windows 2000 when "the wild ones with their heads in the clouds" decided to lump "Documents" and "Settings" together.&nbsp; Those two items just DO NOT belong together.&nbsp; Things went downhill from there until Vista is thrown together with absolutely no system.&nbsp; The Vista situation is similar to a library that, as new books come in, they are just placed on the shelves anywhere with no regard to the subject matter.&nbsp; Well, of course nobody could find whatever book they wanted from this disorganized mish-mash.&nbsp; These same "wild ones with their heads in the clouds" decided that something needed to be done to help people find the books (files) they wanted.&nbsp; A light bulb lit in someone’s brain (light bulb and brain were both glowing very dimly) and they said, "Let’s set-up an additional file (directory) to add to confusion and let’s call it ‘Libraries’".&nbsp; So an additional file appeared in Windows 7 that approximates a library index card file.&nbsp; They haven’t reorganized the books to something sensible and reasonable, they just added a directory to help you find the book (file) you are looking for.&nbsp; Would have made MUCH better sense to have reorganized the system (?) so the "Libraries" folder was unnecessary.&nbsp; I would like to see this done in Windows 8.

I do not know how the percentages go, but there are millions of the 1 billion Windows users worldwide that are the sole users of their computers.&nbsp; We do not have need or desire to wade through all the multi-user bloat and confusion to utilize our computers.&nbsp; Give us the option to disable all this unnecessary roadblocks from our computers. Let the families who use one computer for all make use of this feature, and those of us who don’t need it, disable it.&nbsp; We can finally delete several items from our OS – Internet Explorer, Media Center, etc., etc., Add multiple-user function to this list.&nbsp; I don’t need 3 or 4 "My Documents".&nbsp; I don’t need ANY "My Documents", I know the documents are mine!&nbsp; I would like to see this done in Windows 8.

Thank you for at least reading this rant.&nbsp; That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!

July 9, 2009 at 5:20 am #88275


I like the idea of completely shutting off multi-user functions as long as there is the ability to make multiple users later on without a re-install of the OS. I’m now programming genius but it’s always pissed my off that winlogon is a running process. I mean I don’t really get why there needs to be a process dedicated to keeping you logged in to windows. I’d love it if user data was in someway masked off from other users. Almost like they were separate operating system installs that share the same system files. I don’t think I particularly described that well but it might make some weird sort of sense.

I’m wondering how big of an architectural change that really is.

July 10, 2009 at 12:03 pm #88280


not the ultimate feature… but I would love to see changeable boot screens and logon screens, I’m stuck looking at the blue flowery thing which is the win 7 startup/logon/shutdown screen and I don’t like it

so MS should give us the option to choose are boot (etc) screens

July 10, 2009 at 2:50 pm #88281


You can already change the logon screen in Windows 7.

It tells you how here:

July 14, 2009 at 10:00 pm #88301


&nbsp; &nbsp; What I’d like to see is an easier way to prevent background programs such as un-needed printer, camera, CD or DVD programs from loading during the Windows boot-up.&nbsp; If you’ve got a lot of these drivers loading, I believe it greatly increases the time it takes to fully boot into windows.&nbsp; If Microsoft could move all these programs to the start-up folder, it would make it so much easier than trying to mess around with the registry.&nbsp; Of course, I guess this could be a software manufacturer issue as well.&nbsp; BTW, I’m currently using Windows XP.&nbsp; I skipped out on Vista because of the bad rep and I’m not brave enough to try out the Beta versions of Windows 7, but I do hope to upgrade in Oct. or shortly after.

Take care all

July 28, 2009 at 3:28 pm #88354


I want them to change the friggin name.

You want to search for something relating to Vista, you search for Vista.
You want XP, you search XP.

You want 7?&nbsp; You’ll get an endless list of things with the # 7 in it.

Sure you could search "Windows 7" but why not make it easy.

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