What I want in Windows 8

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April 20, 2010 at 11:13 pm #89414


These are mostly about appearance, and workflow:

1) WAY more customizable shell. The default windows shell is really stiff and limited…

1.1) It’s a MUST to make every part/toolbar (Start button, quick launch, task list, clock etc.) of the bottom panel a different object, which you could move anywhere you want, delete, duplicate, etc by drag’n’drop when the bottom bar is unlocked.If the user wants to remove the start button, why not let him? If the user wants to have two start buttons on both sides of his bottom panel, why not let him? Freedom!

1.2) It’s a MUST to make the start menu completely customizable by simply clicking on it with the right button and pressing "Customize" or something… For example, i would hold only these things there: "My Computer", "Games Folder", "Programs folder", "Control panel" and shut down. Currently the start menu is a completely big mess full of stuff people don’t need. And that mess is not what people want to see.
And one more thing i was missing: A hell lot of other tweaks for windows. For example,  I couldn’t turn off pinning in the taskbar options, … WHY? Every part of the OS should be tweakable. Even the right click menu on any item!

1.3) The abilitty to add more panels, even floating ones if the user wants to.

1.4) Way more flexible appearance changer. Right now we only have the Aero glass, and the classic. That’s very limited. People should be able to use their own graphics for windows and the panels without no external apps, or hacking into system folders. Like, windows would have it’s own Skin editor inside "Personalise", where you could load your own images, move them arround and whatnot, and then apply…

1.5) A better Multimonitor support. Stretched Backgrounds, maximise on all monitors, panels working on other monitors, etc… If an external app can do it, why is it so hard to code in to windows?

1.6) Gadgets should be abe to get locked.

2) Administrators should have full control over the apps that are installed on the pc. I think, it should be possible to easily uninstall the Internet Explorer, The Windows Shell, windows manager, file browser, paint, bacically anything. I know that these are highly integrated into windows, but why? People should have a freedom of choice on what to use. These could be reinstalled using the windows 8 DVD. A lot to be rewritten here. This step is probably the most important, because if other steps won’t be made, people would be able to uninstall the unflexible Windows shell (or somethin else) and safely install an alternative one. Microsoft should stop forcing users on using their software or they will definately go for linux.&nbsp; <!– s>:( –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/angry.gif" alt=">:(" title="Angry" /><!– s>:( –>

3) Internet explorer should get major improvements.
Forcing new windows to open in new tabs instead.
Letting you have only the address bar and the tabs on the GUI…
Making the download progress show on the gui, instead of a new window…
etc. Chrome is a good example of a clean browser.

4) Windows media player should have .flac and .ogg support. These are opensource, which makes it easy to add. And there is no crime if you do. Then why isn’t it there?

5) Add/Remove programs:
5.1)Add/Remove programs should have the ability to add items into folders/groups, to make it clean. Group uninstall maybe?
5.2) Windows should have an integrated registry error checker/cleaner, which makes sure that there are no useless registry entries in the registry. I’ve heard that windows keeps gathering registry, and sometimes doesn’t remove registry added by installed programs… And that slows down your pc…

6) Easy moving of the "Program files" folder and the "Users" folder.
Some people like to keep these on other partitions then windows are installed.
And microsoft is really giving them a hard time… Going to the Windows CD repair console and making junctions is the only option these users have…

7) Remove the library feature from the file browser. Why do we need that if we have our home folder?…

Other than this, Windows is the most friendly and compatible OS ever. And those two things are the most importand in a OS. Keep it up. So yeah, I like Windows. But some of these points make me really annoyed and frustrated as a user. Basically if these points are fixed, less people would leave windows for linux or Mac.


@Uncleiroh. Not gonna happen. It’s more likely for microsoft to make their own torrent client. They can’t use programs from other developers, because of copyright.

January 28, 2011 at 10:26 pm #89868


These are the things that I want to see in windows 8.
1.Keep the windows 7 GUI.
2. Be able to read and write to Linux file systems.
3.Microsoft needs to lean form Linux.
4.Have one update manager for everything.
5.Stop changing $300 for an OS.

January 30, 2011 at 2:41 pm #89872

&quot;danialclarcke&quot;:h260n29l wrote:
These are the things that I want to see in windows 8.
1.Keep the windows 7 GUI.
2. Be able to read and write to Linux file systems.
3.Microsoft needs to lean form Linux.
4.Have one update manager for everything.
5.Stop changing $300 for an OS.

#1: Totally agree. I’m expecting Microsoft to keep it relatively similar to what it is, but I hope they don’t make any major usability changes to it.
#2: This would go on my "would like, but won’t happen" list. The filesystem drivers are generally GPL’d, and depending on the use of the license (and it’s version), that generally means that Microsoft can’t bundle them with Windows. Could be a good addon download, though, since those can be downloaded and distributed under a separate license. They certainly have done this before – just look at the Windows 7 USB DVD download tool.
#3: Could you elaborate? Anything specifically you’d like Microsoft to take from the F/OSS software model, or linux specifically?
#4: I think they might go down this road eventually, but for the moment there’s simply too much windows software out there. IF they make it an option in Windows 8, it will probably be mainstream/in use commonly by about 2018 or so, but that’s (obviously) at least one version of windows after 8 away.
#5: Windows 7 home premium is $120, less for OEM, and there are many deals available – like, for example, their student discounts which also apply to office. Windows 7 is very well priced, in my opinion – unlike with Vista, where features were sprinkled around sporadically and nobody really knew what version to buy.

Personally, my main hope for windows 8 would be the inclusion of "user friendly" application virtualization technologies. Microsoft has been sitting on Hyper-V and App-V in the server space for a while now, but they don’t seem to have made any attempt to trickle this tech down into their client versions of windows, which I think is a shame.

February 3, 2011 at 10:29 pm #89879


I want a new rewrite code. Largely forgotten legacy. So seven is a great O / S long-term use to businesses and consumers. I think that Windows in general is a bloated, even to improve 7.

February 24, 2011 at 8:54 am #89900


1.I would want voice recognition built in.
2.Microsoft should have the ability to run the apple OS much like bootcamp.
3.They should build it on top of the unix operating system so that we can run a unix command prompt.
4.The ability for a file sharing network would be nice.

March 4, 2011 at 5:28 pm #89913

&quot;andor9x&quot;:9j6kdx0m wrote:
this is the concept for the next generation of windows (win 8 +), called the "Copenhagen concept"


Just a concept?

They should implement it!

May 18, 2011 at 6:11 am #90048

&quot;andor9x&quot;:22uuwtxf wrote:
I love them all except:

"- I would like no borders around Windows, Only a shine with a color you could change similar to the Aero color you can change now. When you move your mouse pointer to the top of a Window, the Window name would appear at the left, and a close, minimize,… button would appear at the right." – i quite like the windows


"- I would like the taskbar to be not a rectangle straght form, but&nbsp; in a smooth round form with the Windows logo in the middle, and the icons at the left and right" – it would take ages for some users to become familiar with this

all the other I want to see

September 4, 2011 at 2:50 am #90189


So what kind of´╗┐ format is it using? since fragmintation wont be an issue… I am looking forward to this release… I skiped vista simply b/c it wasn’t ready untill they fixed it up and just renamed it windows 7… But 512mb of ram to run this, I really hope it runs much smoother then the bloated windows Microsoft usually comes out with.

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