skip metro suite

Four ways to bypass the Windows 8 startpage

The startpage of the Windows 8 operating system and the new user interface that goes along with it is a fundamental change that many Windows users may have issues adopting…

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Buy Windows 8 Pro for $69.99 until January 2013, then $199

Take the following with a grain of salt as it has not been confirmed officially by Microsoft. Tom Warren over at The Verge reports that sources close to Microsoft have…

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change start screen background windows 8

How to use a custom image for Windows 8’s start page background

If you had the chance to play around with the final version of Windows 8, you may have noticed that Microsoft has limited backgrounds of the start page of the…

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pin to start

How to add desktop programs to the Windows 8 start page

When you look at the list of programs on your Windows 8 start page, you may notice that desktop programs and Modern UI apps are displayed both on the page.…

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Leaving Everything-Microsoft

Well today’s the day that Windows 8 is released to the world (with both Microsoft’s MSDN and TechNet websites promptly crashing under the weight of its own popularity) and so it…

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Microsoft Working on Fix for Recent Windows Phone Marketplace Issues

Microsoft is working on fix for some certificate issues with the Windows Phone Marketplace that has frustrated some users recently.

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Multiple Rumors Suggest a Microsoft Surface RT to Launch at $199

The official price of the much-anticipated Microsoft Surface RT hasn’t been announced, but rumors peg the device to retail for a stunningly-low price of $199.

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close metro apps comfortable

How to close Modern UI (Metro) apps more comfortable

If you want to close Moder UI apps (Metro apps) in Windows 8 you have two ways to do so. First, you can open the Windows Task Manager with Ctr-Shift-Esc,…

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Microsoft Security Bulletin Update

As you should know by now the hacking engagement is in full force with multiple companies taking extra effort to protect their computer systems from invasion. So recently Microsoft released…

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Person of Interest and Microsoft’s Crime Analysis Contribution

Person of Interest. In case you don’t know it, this is a popular television CBS show about two men who work with a computer to prevent crimes from occurring. One…

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Have A Look At Windows 8’s Retail Packaging

Leaked images of the new Windows 8 Retail packaging have made their way to the web earlier on this week. The colourful retail boxes are quite simple and showcase different flavours of the Windows 8 logo

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Apps, Desktop Apps and Windows 8 Apps

A few days ago Microsoft announced that it was dropping the name Metro for it’s interface … then they came up with the ingenious name, Windows 8, as the replacement.…

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Microsoft Rename “Metro” To…. Windows 8?

Microsoft have landed on a new name for “Metro” and it’s quite simply just Windows 8. Microsoft were forced to abandon the Metro code name due to alleged copyright infringements

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fast boot windows 8

How to disable Fast Start in Windows 8

Windows 8 Release Preview users find an option to turn fast startup on or off in the power options control panel applet. Fast startup, also known as hybrid boot, basically…

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Windows 8 start screen backgrounds are colorful

I like my operating system to be as minimalistic as possible. This may make me a minority in times where everything needs to be glamorous and colorful, but that’s how…

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Windows 8 Themes – Default Wallpapers, and the Start Screen

Recently, the Windows 8 background patterns became available to view. Rumor has it that Microsoft might be set to include no less than 20 StartScreen patterns in Windows 8 in the release to manufacturing…

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buy windows 8 pro

Windows 8 Pro to retail for €59.99?

Microsoft has not revealed the retail price of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system yet. What the Redmond company has revealed up to this point is a promotional offer for…

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windows 8 aero enabled

How to activate Aero under Windows 8

Aero has been an integral part of Windows 7 and there are certainly users who appreciate the look and feel that it added to the operating system. If you are…

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