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close metro apps comfortable

How to close Modern UI (Metro) apps more comfortable

If you want to close Moder UI apps (Metro apps) in Windows 8 you have two ways to do so. First, you can open the Windows Task Manager with Ctr-Shift-Esc,…

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Microsoft Rename “Metro” To…. Windows 8?

Microsoft have landed on a new name for “Metro” and it’s quite simply just Windows 8. Microsoft were forced to abandon the Metro code name due to alleged copyright infringements

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Microsoft Kills Off Metro, But The UI Is Still Here

Microsoft have been forced to kill of the Metro name from it’s new operating system – Windows 8 over a potential trademark dispute

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Screenshots of Windows 8 RTM Leaked

Some more screenshots of the Windows 8 RTM have been leaked. They show that Microsoft are continuing to implement their metro ui across the whole OS

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windows 8 metro

Seems that Metro can still be disabled

Everyone’s waiting for Microsoft’s mysterious announcement later today. And while we are waiting, a tool has come to light that supposedly is doing what many Windows 8 users may want…

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metro apps lifecycles

Microsoft Post Windows 8 App Lifecycle Details

Microsoft in a new blog post on the Windows 8 app developer blog has posted detailed information about the app lifecycle of Windows 8 apps. If you had time to…

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metro no sidebar

Mozilla Releases First Windows 8 Metro Version of Firefox

The Metro user interface is a gamble for Microsoft, there is no doubt about that. The company bets big time on touch, and many desktop users have expressed concern that…

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Using Windows 8 With A Mouse And Keyboard

Windows 8 is great for touch users, but what about those of us who are still using Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard? I’ve put together a list of controls for mouse and keyboard users

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Ex – Microsoft Employee Wants To Fix Windows 8

An Ex- Microsoft employee isn’t too happy with what Microsoft have done in Windows 8. So much so that he’s started up a website stating what he’d do to fix Windows 8

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Microsoft Reveals Additional Details About Metro IE10

By now you know that Windows 8 will ship with two different versions of the Internet Explorer web browser. First the classic desktop version which is a direct upgrade of…

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Office 15 Screenshots Show Metro-Style Simplification

It will never be possible to simplify productivity software as complex as Microsoft Office down to a Metro UI level, which is why it has been reported that the Office…

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How To Make the Transition from Metro to Classic Desktop Less-Jarring

If the switch between the Metro-style Start screen and the classic desktop seems too jarring for you, you can try this simple trick and see if it helps.

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Using Libraries to Add Media in Windows 8

Now that you’ve installed Windows 8, it’s time to bring your media over to the new metro-styled apps. Here’s how to do just that.

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What Will Windows 8 Mean for Windows Phone

Microsoft gave us more of a glimpse of its next version of Windows and a consumer preview is already available for people to download and try out.
But what does Windows 8 tell us about the future direction of Windows Phone? After a minor update to Tango this year, Windows Phone will become Windows Phone 8 Apollo towards the end of 2012.

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Why Windows 8 Aims to Provide Simplicity to Its Users

You won’t be surprised to learn that Microsoft is claiming its latest output, Windows 8, will aim for greater simplicity. Every Microsoft launch apparently aims for greater simplicity – though…

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Firefox For Windows 8 Metro On The Way

The Windows 8 Metro UI is likely to be very popular amongst tablet users and people with touchscreens on their PC’s. Today Mozilla outlined in the 2012 road map plan that they hope to get Firefox working with the Metro UI as soon as possible.

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Microsoft Video Shows Windows 8 on ARM and new Metro Apps

Microsoft have released an extensive blog post and a video about Windows 8 running on ARM processors.  The video also shows off new apps that have not been seen before…

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Anatomy of a Metro Website

Those of you who follow me regularly will know that last year I designed a new Metro-themed skin for my own website, The Long Climb and that if I’m honest…

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