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Microsoft surface pro pricing

Microsoft Surface Pro pricing and availability revealed by German shopping site

Microsoft’s Surface device family comes in two flavors: first the Surface RT which is powered by ARM hardware and Windows 8 RT, and second the Surface Pro, powered by Intel…

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Microsoft Surface RT tablets to launch October 26

Now that we know that Windows 8 will be released on October 26, 2012, it was only a matter of time until someone would figure out when Microsoft’s recently announced…

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Another Example of Microsoft Surface Touch Operations with E*Sponder

Last year at Superbowl XLIII, Tampa police worked with E*Sponder to manage the various agencies that were responsible for coordinating safety for the thousands of spectators. With Sharepoint, the Microsoft application for collaborative computing, E*Sponder was able to create a visual system that allowed 25 public agencies to be managed at one location.

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Microsoft Surface and Windows 7

I’ve been writing about Windows 7 and touch screen technology, largely because the computing community is slowly coming to understand that there is a lot more to the Windows 7…

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