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skip metro suite

Four ways to bypass the Windows 8 startpage

The startpage of the Windows 8 operating system and the new user interface that goes along with it is a fundamental change that many Windows users may have issues adopting…

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change start screen background windows 8

How to use a custom image for Windows 8′s start page background

If you had the chance to play around with the final version of Windows 8, you may have noticed that Microsoft has limited backgrounds of the start page of the…

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pin to start

How to add desktop programs to the Windows 8 start page

When you look at the list of programs on your Windows 8 start page, you may notice that desktop programs and Modern UI apps are displayed both on the page.…

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Windows 8 start screen backgrounds are colorful

I like my operating system to be as minimalistic as possible. This may make me a minority in times where everything needs to be glamorous and colorful, but that’s how…

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