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Office 15 Reaches Technical Preview

Microsoft are hard at work getting their next version of Microsoft Office ready. The next generation of Office has been codenamed “Office 15″ and has just reached “Technical Preview” status but we can expect to see a public beta over the summer. In a blog post over on the Office blog, PJ Hough talks a bit more about Office 15.

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Windows 8 Revealed…Looks a Bit Familiar…

Sinofsky traversed through the interview with Mossberg to give us a glimpse of where Windows is heading and it’s very similar to what you may see on your Windows Phone, Media Center PC or Zune device everyday.

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CONFIRMED – Windows 7 RTM, Server 2008, and Office 2010 Beta Leaked

The previously rumored leak has been confirmed. Wzor has placed the download links to the Windows 7 RTM on their home page, and it definitely the real deal. The build…

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