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disable driver signature enforcement

How to install unsigned drivers in Windows 8

If you are trying to get old trusted hardware working under Windows 8, or other hardware were no signed drivers have been created by the manufacturer yet, you may have…

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skip metro suite

Four ways to bypass the Windows 8 startpage

The startpage of the Windows 8 operating system and the new user interface that goes along with it is a fundamental change that many Windows users may have issues adopting…

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pin to start

How to add desktop programs to the Windows 8 start page

When you look at the list of programs on your Windows 8 start page, you may notice that desktop programs and Modern UI apps are displayed both on the page.…

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close metro apps comfortable

How to close Modern UI (Metro) apps more comfortable

If you want to close Moder UI apps (Metro apps) in Windows 8 you have two ways to do so. First, you can open the Windows Task Manager with Ctr-Shift-Esc,…

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fast boot windows 8

How to disable Fast Start in Windows 8

Windows 8 Release Preview users find an option to turn fast startup on or off in the power options control panel applet. Fast startup, also known as hybrid boot, basically…

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windows 8 aero enabled

How to activate Aero under Windows 8

Aero has been an integral part of Windows 7 and there are certainly users who appreciate the look and feel that it added to the operating system. If you are…

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Quick Tip: Control the Sound Volume Of Specific Applications

Have you ever had the problem that the sound volume of an application or game in Windows 7 was to high or to low? This happens to me quite often…

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8 Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts You Mightn’t Know About

Personally I’d like to think I know a good bit about Windows 7, I have been an editor here for over a year at this stage, but I always seem…

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Add Elevator Music To Progress Bars

Ok, this is more a novelty thing to do rather than a practical use, but we all like to have a bit of fun every once and a while dont…

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Create A Shortcut To Quickly Lock Your Desktop

This method of creating a shortcut to lock your desktop not only works in Windows 7, but also in Windows Vista and Windows XP I’m sure most of you lock…

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How To Pin A Hard Drive To Your Taskbar

The Task bar in Windows 7 is dead handy, it’s great for accessing folders, files and programs quickly. However, it’s not so easy to quickly access a hard drive from…

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Add Recently Changed Files To Your Taskbar

I’ve just stumbled across this great little program called “Piles”. What it does is places recently created or altered files in a Windows 7 jump list on the Windows Taskbar…

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