Windows 7 FAQ

The Windows 7 FAQ has been created by the staff of Windows 7 News to provide visitors with information about the Windows 7 operating system.  A full review of Windows 7 can be found here, as well as the latest Windows 7 News, Windows 7 Screenshots and Windows 7 Videos. There are also Windows 7 Wallpapers and a Windows 7 Theme you can download for your PC.

Also, join the Windows 7 Forum (over 4K members!) for help with any Windows 7 release or to ask any question.

Windows 7 FAQ

Why is the new Microsoft operating system called Windows 7?

Microsoft is using an internal numbering system and the next Windows operating system is number 7 according to it. Check out our Why Windows 7 article for a detailed explanation on the subject.

When will Windows 7 be released?

Windows 7 was released on October 22nd 2009 in time for the Christmas season.  You can now Buy Windows 7 directly from online retailers like Amazon.

Are there beta or release candidate versions that can be downloaded for testing purposes?

The testing period for Windows 7 is now over.

Which editions of Windows 7 will be released?

Microsoft will release six editions of Windows 7 but concentrate marketing efforts on two of them. The following Windows 7 editions will be made available:

To help decide which version of Windows 7 is right for you read this guide.

Which features are available in Windows 7 Editions

Each edition of Windows 7 will come with a distinct feature set. It is generally the case that the more expensive editions of Windows 7 will ship with additional features that the less expensive ones do not ship with.

To learn more about the new features in Windows 7 read our Windows 7 Guides

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