Windows 7 Starter

Windows 7 Starter has been specifically designed by Microsoft for the low end market that includes most netbooks and other PC hardware that has to be sold for the cheapest price possible. The main reason for this edition is to provide manufacturers with a Windows 7 edition that they can put cost effectively on their low end products.

Windows 7 Starter has caused lots of controversy after the publication of the feature differences between this edition and the other – more expensive – Windows 7 editions. Here is a short overview of what users can expect to get when purchasing a computer that is running Windows 7 Starter.

  • 32-bit only support
  • Home Group join only
  • Windows Internet Explorer 8
  • Windows Media Player 12

The limitation to three concurrent applications running on the system has been the focus of criticism. Some application types, antivirus software for example, are exempt from the limit. It still means that users will face serious difficulties and often disappointment when they reach the limit. Additional limitations are 32-bit support only and the ability to join Homegroups but not to create them.

Windows 7 Home Basic

Windows 7 Starter is missing several features that are included in the other editions. The next operating system in line is Windows Home Basic which will only be made available in emerging markets. The Home Basic edition does not have the application limit, offers 32 and 64-bit support and comes with the desktop window manager, partial Aero support and the Windows mobility center.

  • Concurrent Applications Unlimited
  • 32-bit and 64-bit mode support
  • Home Group (Create & Join) Join Only
  • Windows Internet Explorer 8
  • Windows Media Player 12
  • Desktop Window Manager
  • Windows Mobility Center
  • Windows Aero Partial

Windows 7 Home Premium

Take a look at what Windows 7 Home Premium ships with that is not included in the Starter edition:

  • Full Windows Aero support.
  • Home Group (Create & Join)
  • Multi-Touch
  • Premium Games
  • Windows Media Center

Windows 7 Professional

The next edition in line that builds up on Windows 7 Home Premium is Windows 7 Professional which adds another set of features to the operating system that is not included in the Starter or Home editions:

  • Windows Server Domain support.
  • Remote Desktop Server support.
  • Location aware printing.
  • Encrypting the file system
  • Presentation mode

Windows 7 Ultimate / Windows 7 Enterprise

Finally there are the Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise editions that provide access to features that all the other editions do not provide:

  • AppLocker.
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • BranchCache Distributed Cache
  • DirectAccess
  • Multilingual User Interface Pack
  • Virtual Hard Disk Booting

Take a look at our Windows 7 Features article for an in depth comparison and graphics that outline the differences between all Windows 7 editions.

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