Windows 7 Themes For XP

Here are a selection of Windows 7 Themes for Windows XP that we’ve found.

To download any of these themes or other Windows 7 Themes, then visit our New Download Center.

Patches always needed: Windows XP: uxtheme.dll Patcher.

SevenVG RTM Windows 7


[download id=”265″ format=”7″]

Windows 7 Black Theme

windows 7 theme black

Probably the most complete Windows 7 theme for Windows XP so far. It comes with an easy installer (just click on theme.exe in the themes folder) and replicates most of the Windows 7 interface including the Windows 7 taskbar, fonts and common tasks.

[download id=”266″ format=”7″]

Windows 7 Blue Theme

Basically the same theme as above only in blue and with a different wallpaper image.

windows 7 theme blue

Aero Ultimate 7 6801 Beta

(Windows Blinds Needed)

This Windows 7 theme needs several additional software programs to be installed to resemble Windows 7 the most, those are:

You need Aero Ultimate Original to be installed, otherwise the shellstyle won’t work [link]

Perfectly matching vistart skin: [link]
Download wallpapers: [link]
The PDC (the one in the preview) wallpaper: [link]
Download rainbar and simply disable the sidebar background: [link]
Download 7 StylerToolbar here: [link]
Windows 7 Logon: [link]
Windows 7 Screensaver: [link]

Windows7 PDC 2008 Theme

windows7 pdc 2008 theme

DeskMundo Deviant Theme

A very early Windows 7 theme for Windows XP

windows 7

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    how do i download it? it keeps coming up to the same window!!!

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    its very originality themes

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    where is windows 8 theme for windows 7

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    plese tell me this wont screw up my computer. lets just say last time i downloaded somthing like this it screwed up my c/ drive and i almost lost evrything

  11. Cat October 19, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    When is a XP theme going to be released for Win 7? That would help those who already haven’t move forward. Having a familiar screen & feel helps things a lot.


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